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Steve Jacksons NHRA Debut

The highly anticipated debut of Stevie Fast’s entry into NHRA Pro Mod had the Internet on the edge of their seat last weekend at the Gator Nationals. Beginning with an NHRA video interview with Jackson that gathered far more views than John Force’s, fans were waiting to see Jackson donkey stomp the class. Realistically, just qualifying would be a major undertaking for Killin’ Time Racing’s first time on the 1/4 mile, and with a 4 day old car to boot.

Stevie and the Killin’ Time Crew did not disappoint, they made a good pass in Q1 which put them in the field, then went 5.788 in Q2 to lock down the #1 qualifier, just a few hundredths from the record! In eliminations Jackson got loose and lost which likely saved a lot of crying in the class. You can certainly bet he will be back, and NHRA most certainly knows who Steve Jackson is now!

Congratulations to Steve, Sponsors Bahrain1, SEI Oilfield and the Killin’ Time Team on a great first time out with the new car!

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Tommy DAprile Winner PDRA Season Opener

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Tommy D’Aprile started his 2017 season off with a bang by winning the PDRA season opener at SGMP March 12th. D’Aprile, the #2 qualifier defeated Jose Gonzales in the final of Pro Extreme with a 3.586@212.73 to the Q80 teams 3.657. Thumbs up to Gonzales and team for waiting on D’Aprile in the final to wrap up motor repairs so they could make the round. That’s great sportsmanship there!

Congratulations to the Tommy, Al and the rest of the Mel Bush Motorsports Team on your win!

We also want to congratulate Jason Scruggs on his #1 qualifying BLAST of 3.499@221.52!!

Jay Cox wins PDRA Pro Nitrous at SGMP

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In Pro Nitrous, Jay Cox was victorious… He set low ET in qualifying with a 3.679@200.71 for the #1 spot, then defeated Lizzy Musi in the “ALL NCRC” final with 3.697@199.91 to Musi’s 3.719@204.08!

Congratulations to Jay and the Clements Mechanical Team on the win and to Lizzy and Team on the Runner Up!!

John Strickland Runners up in Pro Boost at SGMP

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In Pro Boost, John Strickland runnered up against Jose Gonzales who was driving two cars. John ran a 3.723 to Gonzales 3.703 for a good race and runner up position.

Congratulations John and the GALOT Motorsports Team on the R/U!

Barry Daniluk First to the Threes N/A!!

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In Top Sportsman Barry Daniluk broke into the three second zone with his Naturally Aspirated Camaro equipped with one of our lockup converters!!! His 3.98 pass is a new World Record for a N/A car!!!

Barry’s been chipping away at this for a few years now and he finally broke through that barrier!! We all know how hard it can be to break through these, it may only be hundreths to some, but to a racer, crashing through these is so satisfying!!

Way to go Barry!!!

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Manny Buginga breaks NMRA SSO record

Photo Courtesy NMRA

Manny Buginga is BACK! After a long absence from the sport, Manny Buginga has left his imprint yet again on NMRA’s Super Street Outlaw class at the March 6th Spring Break Shootout. Buginga with the legendary Nick Bruder helping out with the tuning broke the SSO record during qualifying with a 4.334@177.47 which easily landed him the #1 spot.

Manny was favored to make it all the way to the winners circle and did his job on the tree with a .006 reaction time, but spun in the final against Charlie Cooper which got him the runner up finish.

Congratulations to Manny and Nick on the new SSO record and the R/U Finish! It’s a great start for the season.

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Nova Joe Albrecht First Time RVW LO8 Winner

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“Nova Joe” Albrecht proved he’s a natural behind the wheel of Eddie Whelan’s Radial Vs. The World Screw Blown GTO at Lights Out 8 last weekend. Nova Joe’s GTO tuned by the famous Jon Salemi may not have been the #1 pick to win, but the Team proved they had what it takes by both being consistently fast and going rounds without drama. And yes, it’s got a Neal Chance Lockup in it!

Joe solidly defeated Mark “Woody” Woodruff in the final 3.837@202 to Woody’s 4.005@196.42 – it would have been a much closer race but Woody dropped a valve the previous pass and had to make some very fast repairs.

Congratulations and great job to Nova Joe, Eddie Whelen, John Salemi and the rest of the Team on your YUGEEEEE $50,000 win!!!

Steve Jackson New RVW Record Holder, Mitchell is RIGHT there too

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We also have to give a shout out to Steve Jackson and Barry Mitchell who BOTH reset the RVW Record at LO8. Mitchell laid down a 3.738, a new record before Jackson in Shadow 2.0 edged him out with a 3.737 just a few passes later with a crazy .978 60′!!. GREAT Job to both these Teams on outstanding performances, this is going to be a great season in RVW, we’re sure the record will fall yet again SOON.

Mean Dean Marinis LO8 X275 Winner

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“Mean Dean” Marinis just switched over to Neal Chance Lockup with a new close ratio Proformance Racing Transmissions 3 speed 400 before this race, and man oh man did the back splits pick up! In fact, Marinis’s Nitrous Big Block set the TOP MPH at LO8 with a 165.36, something typically reserved for Turbo cars only! Dean also dipped into the 4.30’s at the race with a new personal best of 4.39.

Marinis defeated hard charging Kenny Hubbard in the final with a very solid 4.404@162.06 to Hubbard’s 4.421@159.46 to take the win! We can’t wait to see what he can do with some more laps on this new combo!

Congratulations Dean, Elvis and Dennis on your BIG WIN!!!

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Al Anabi Racing recently laid down a 3.643@204.82 during testing, check out the new video posted of the Speedtech Camaro getting the job done!! Fifty’s are on their way!!!