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Mustang Mike Modeste Radial vs Modified Winner at World Cup!!

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Mustang Mike Modeste didn’t get off to a good start at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals at MIR. Some problems caused him to qualify last in Radial Vs. Modified, but he quickly figured it out by the 1st round where he took out #1 qualifier Carl Brunet with a 6.437@197.05 to Brunet’s 6.459@216.51. In the finals Modeste defeated Steve Willingham with a 1.08 60′, 6.64@186.82 to Willingham’s way aborted 9.18.

Congratulations Mike on the big $10,000 Win!!!!

We also want to congratulate the Bruder Brothers, #1 Qualifier in X275 vs Hot Rod with a 6.863@199.49!!

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Jeff Sitton RTRA Pro Drag Radial Season Final Winner!!

Photo Courtesy Max Cackle Photos

Jeff Sitton behind the wheel of the Killin’ Time Pro Nitrous Camaro took home the win in Pro Drag Radial at Northstar. With Stevie Fast making the tuning calls, the Team defeated Taylor Lastor in the final with a 3.77@201.1

Congratulations to Jeff, Stevie Fast and the SEI Team on your win!!!

Clint Downs RTRA X275 Season Final Winner!!

Photo Courtesy Max Cackle Photos

Clint “The Lumberjack” Downs made it extremely difficult for anyone to get by him during the RTRA Season Final, and who can blame him? Leading the points going into the last RTRA race of the year, he faced some stiff competition from 29 cars in X275. True to form, nothing rattles Downs, despite some really close runs, he chopped the tree down every pass leading into the final vs Shane Fisher. Downs went .0044 on the tree with a 4.487@157.95 to Fishers .0317, 4.4619@160.14 to take that big win light, the massive trophy and the RTRA Season Championship in X275!!!

Way to go Clint, Amber and Corbin on your win and championship!!!

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Steve Wiley wins Outlaw Armageddon No Prep

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Steve Wiley and Co-Owner / Crew Chief Eric Sagebiel – The “Texas Grim Reaper” Team ended their season by winning the Texas Outlaw Pro Mod Association Championship!! Steve finished 21 points ahead of Bob Alexander for the championship title. They also won the $30,000 Outlaw Armageddon Race this season, which is a pretty darn good payout!

The Team is already getting ready for next year, they’ve sold their Vette and purchased another 63′ Vette from Quain Stott and have big plans for 2017, it sounds like they will be ready to defend their TOPMA title for sure.

Congratulations guys on your championship and very successful season!!

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The PDRA World Finals in Bradenton, Virginia concluded an exceptional year for Team Chance. Our customers won the Points Championships in Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous and Pro Boost, they won the race, and NCRC Customers hold all the records in these classes for the entire year!! We can’t be more proud of these racers accomplishments and we’re honored to have them all choose to be part of Team Chance!!!!

These teams make our slogan “Home of the World’s Fastest Automatic Doorslammers” exceptionally true!

Brandon Snider 2016 PDRA Pro Extreme Champion and Record Holder!

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

Pro Extreme

Brandon Snider qualified #1 3.533@215.17 and sealed the deal on his points championship during the 1st round of eliminations. To make the day even sweeter, he charged right through eliminations for the win. He defeated Jason Scruggs, the 2015 Pro Extreme Champ in the “All NCRC” finals when he went 3.529@217.74 over Scruggs 3.630@176.47!

Congratulations to Brandon, Crew Jimmy & Michael on the Pro Extreme Championship, Race Win and #1 Qualifier!!! Also congratulations to Jason Scruggs on the Race Runner Up and R/U in the points battle!

Tommy Franklin 2016 PDRA Pro Nitrous Champion and Record Holder!!

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

Pro Nitrous

Tommy Franklin took advantage of some great air at Bradenton running a 3.677@204.70 in the final, breaking his own previous Pro Nitrous record set earlier this year at Tulsa Raceway Park and taking away the MPH record from Lizzy Musi!! That record breaking pass in the “All NCRC” final took out “Stevie Fast” Jackson for the win, Jackson ran a very respectable 3.765@196.16 for the Runner Up Spot. Franklin also won the Pro Nitrous class championship in the semi’s just edging out Jay Cox in a close points race. What a weekend for the Franklin Team!!!

Congratulations to Tommy and Team on your Win, New Record and World Championship!!! Also congratulations to Steve Jackson on the race R/U, and to Jay Cox on the R/U in points.

Kevin Rivenbark 2016 PDRA Pro Boost Champion and Record Holder!!

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

Pro Boost

You can certainly say Galot Motorsports Team flat dominated the Pro Boost Class throughout 2016, so seeing Kevin Rivenbark win the Points Championship and the race, with Teammate John Strickland R/U in points wasn’t a big surprise. What we didn’t expect was a new Pro Boost Record, which Rivenbark captured during qualifying with a 3.711, he also broke the 200 MPH barrier on that run with a 200.11!!!

In the “All NCRC” final, Rivenbark defeated Ty Tutterow on his first race in Pro Boost, and first visit to the finals, 3.756@200.77 to Tutterow’s 3.763@197.97.

Congratulations to Kevin on the Points Championship, New Pro Boost Record and the Race Win, to Team Mate John Strickland on the R/U, to Ty Tutterow on a very successful 1st Time out in Pro Boost with the R/U and to the entire Galot Motorsports Team for their dominate season!!!