Bolt Together Torque Converter Replacement O-Rings

All Neal Chance Bolt Together Converters use an O-ring to seal the two halves. If you need a replacement O-Ring, you can buy them from us direct, or if need be you can get these at an Auto Parts Store. We use the same seal as popular transmission front pump O-rings, so they are readily available. See chart below for applications. Torque specs on the bolts around the converter are 17-20 ft. lbs. – Do Not Over Torque!! Make sure and use a star pattern for the first 8 bolts tightened.

PN# Converter Diameter O-Ring Application
Cross Reference
BTOR-8.0 8″ Same as GM TH350/TH400 Front Pump O-Ring $4.00
BTOR-9.5 9.5″ Same as Ford ATX Front Pump O-Ring $4.00
BTOR-10.5 10.5″ Same as C6 Ford Front Pump O-Ring $4.00

Titanium Converter Bolts

Reduce rotating weight with Titanium Bolts.

PN# Description Price
TIBOLTKIT Titanium 5/16-24 Bolt Kit for Converter Body $300.00
TIBOLT Titanium 5/16-24 Bolt for Converter Body $10.00 ea

Mechanical Diode Replacements

Mechanical Diodes seldom need replaced, but occasionally something may go wrong and a replacement is needed. These are the standard Mechanical Diodes used in NCRC Converter assembles. For information on how to install a Mechanical Diode – see our Assembly Instructions Page.

PN# Description Price
GM-MD Chevy Style 5 Strut Diode Kit Call
GM-MD12 Chevy Style 10 Strut Diode Kit Call
FD-MD Ford Style 5 Strut Diode Kit Call
FD-MD12 Ford Style 10 Strut Diode Kit Call
FMX-MD12 10 Strut for 1 3/16″ Input Shaft Transmissions Call