Gain as much as 3000 rpm more stall for harder launches!

Street Performance Converter

Street & Strip Performance Converters

NCRC Street Performance Converters are ideal for use behind a High Performance Muscle
Car or Truck that is intended primarily for street duty.

  • Furnace Brazed and Heli-Arc Welded Fins
  • Cast Aluminum Stator
  • Anti Balloning Plate Available
  • Torrington Roller Thrust Bearings
  • Hardened and Ground Pump Hub
  • Billet Steel / Fabricated Front Cover
  • Conventional Spring and Roller Sprag
  • Dynamic Hi-Speed Neutral Balanced
  • Custom Fin Angle for your application

Unlike other converter companies that sell an off the shelf, one size fits all street performance converter, NCRC Street Performance Converters are 100% custom built for your application so that we can carefully match the stall speed to what your vehicle needs.

Available 9.5" Diameter Turbo Spline for GM TH350/TH400 or Glide with Turbo Input Shaft. All NCRC Street Performance Converters are covered by the famous NCRC "If you can break it, we’ll fix it" 1 year warranty. Lead Time after order placement is typically 1 week.

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