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Alex Hays Naturally Aspirated Mustang is a bit of a rarity in Ultra Street Competition, a class filled with Nitrous and Boosted combinations. Even more interesting is that he currently holds the 2018 Ultra Street ET Record both overall and NA with a 4.693@153.81 set at Lights Out 9 earlier this year. Alex uses a Billet Neal Chance Converter in his car which flat hauls, it’s been 1.063 60′, which is just stunning for a NA car.

There’s no doubt the rest of the class is already gunning for that top spot, but Hays isn’t gonna be at rest either. With only 5 passes on his new Holley EFI setup, you can bet the ET’s are going to continue to drop some more very soon. With help from engine builder Chris Uratchko, Cylinder Head Guru Slick Rick McConathy, The Manifold Magician John Marcella and Holley EFI Whiz and really tall dude Chris Pinney this car’s the envy of all the power adder guys!

Congratulations to Alex & Pat Hays and Crewman Bill Mcnabb on the new record and outstanding performance, we can’t wait to see how the season plays out!!! Check out the video above and listen to that 9,500 RPM Big Block sing…

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Birdman Tulsa No-Prep Winner!

Photo Courtesy Gary Weatherly

James Finney aka the Birdman and Team took out Larry Larson in the finals at the No Prep Kings event in Tulsa last weekend. This was a HUUUUGE win for Finney, not only did he win the race but he also became the 1st Ever No Prep Kings Points Series Champion!!! For those of you not following this deal, that was a $90,000 payday at Tulsa!

Congratulations to James, Gary Weatherly, Howie Crabtree, Nick Guettler, Chad Rogers and the rest of the Birdman Team on your big win!

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Stevie Fast wins LO9!!

Photo Courtesy John Fore III

In yet another off the hook Duck X race, Stevie Fast Jackson took the win in what was a very close race with Keith Haney in Radial Vs. The World. These two racers kept the excitement going for this race all the way to the “All NCRC” final round had had their fans on the edge of their seats every round! Jackson put down a 3.74@199 in the Shadow II, and Haney in the Enigma went 3.77@199.52! That was a big $50,000 payday for Jackson and untold value in bragging rights for at least another month or two!

Congratulations to Steve Jackson, Phil Shuler and the rest of the Killin’ Time Racing Team, and to Keith Haney and the KHR Team on the Runner Up!

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Stevie Fast Takes the Win at Orlando

Photo Courtesy Steve Jackson Racing

“Tricky” Rickie Smith, fresh after resetting the 1/4 Mile N2O Pro Mod “Unofficial” Record earlier in the week continued to run great during the race weekend. He blasted all the way the finals of Pro Mod where he ran into Stevie “Fast” Jackson, the #2 qualifier. Jackson was on a mission and put down a blistering 3.72@201 in the Shadow II to take the win over Smith, who spun to a 4.68@112. You can bet Tricky Rickie will be gunning to get even with Jackson when they meet up in NHRA Pro Mod soon, which will be a great battle to watch!

Congratulations to Stevie Fast, Phil Shuller, Billy Stocklin and the rest of the KTR Team on the first win of the season, and to Rickie Smith and Team on the Runner Up!!