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Paolo Giust Pro Mod Winner

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Pro Mod

Paolo Giust defeated Kevin McCurdy in a nail bighter of a final round. Giust put down a hot 3.890@195.51 to McCurdy’s 3.892@194.55 hot on his heals but not quite enough.

Congratulations to Paolo, Jon and Team on the win!!

Mo Hall Outlaw 10.5 Winner

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Outlaw 10.5

Mo Hall took his Neal Chance Lock Up Equipped Corvette to the winners circle over Mike Decker Jr in an “All NCRC” final. Unfortunately Decker had a leak and got shut down, so Hall got a bye and ran a smooth 4.092. This would have been a GREAT race as Decker, who broke into the 4.0 zone in his first race in the car could have gave Hall a good race.

Congratulations to Mo Hall on the win and to Mike “Hollywood” Decker on his Runner Up finish!!

Alex Hays Ultra Street Winner

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Ultra Street

Alex Hayes took his Naturally Aspirated Big Block Chevy powered Mustang to the winners circle after having a stellar weekend. Hays laid down a 4.691@148.80 during the qualifying to nab #1, just stunning for a NA powered combo and a big worry for all the others in the class! In the final round he drew Joel Greathouse, and despite Joel’s quicker light, Alex ran him down with a 4.77 to take the win.

Big congratulations Alex and Pat on your win!!

Check out the 4.69 pass –

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Jeff Naiser Pro Drag Radial Winner

Photo Courtesy RTRA/Max Cackle Photos

Pro Drag Radial

Jeff Naiser had his beautiful Pro Drag Radial Camaro running on rails last weekend at the RTRA Radial Rebellion in Denton Texas. With consistent 3.8X passes, he was very tough all the way to the “All NCRC” finals where he met Rodney Whatley in his blown Vette. Naiser laid down yet another 3.883@194.64 to take the win over Whatley who had an off pass slowing to a 4.200@148.96.

Congratulations Jeff and the Naiser Racing Team on the win and to Rodney and Team on the Runner Up!

Eric Moore X275 Winner

Photo Courtesy RTRA/Max Cackle Photos


In X275, Eric Moore lead qualifying with a 4.4062@153.27 and made all the right decisions to take his car to the winners circle over Bob Bales. In the final, Bales got away first, but Moore reeled him in to take the win with a 4.453@153.17 to Bales’ 4.535@155.66.

Congratulations Eric & Team Moore on your big $10,000 win!!!

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Manny Buginga NMCA Street Outlaw Winner

Photo Courtesy NMCA/BME Photography

Manny Buginga came prepared to take on NMCA Street Outlaw with two very strong cars, he brought both his Turbo Mustang and a ProCharged Mustang piloted by Rich Bruder. The ProCharged car driven by Bruder took @1 qualifier 4.375@170.11 and Manny was close by in #3 spot with a 4.390@170.30, both very solid passes. The turbo car driven by Buginga was the one that got to the finals where he defeated Andrew DeMarco with a 4.38 to DeMarco’s 4.42 for the win!

Congratulations to Manny and Team on the win and to Rich on the #1 qualifier!!!

Manny Buginga NMCA Street Outlaw Winner

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Alex Hays tried the waters out in NMCA Xtreme Street with his Naturally Aspriated BBC Mustang and did a great job. Hays runnered up in the final against Jessie Coulter with a 4.786@147.07 to 4.718@151.80, that’s pretty darn impressive for a 2850lb car motor only!

Congratulations Alex and Pat on the runner up and the impressive performance!

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Birdman Wins Outlas Armageddon

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Birdman aka James Finney won the biggest No Prep race this year when he took home $40,000 (yes that’s THOUSAND) for his Big Tire win in Outlaw Armageddon No Prep Invitational at Thunder Valley Raceway. That’s a big win in any racers book that’ll leave you smiling ear to ear for the rest of the season! Finney took out Kye Kelley in the final round and will be taking all that cash back to his home state of Texas!

Congratulations to James, Gary Weatherly, Howie Crabtree, Nick Guettler, Chad Rogers and the rest of the Birdman Team on your big win!

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Mean Dean Marinis NEOPMA Record Breaker

Photo Courtesy The Racing Vids

“Mean Dean” Marinis whose name is well known in the X275 circles and Harry Pappas are both making their mark now in Pro Mod. Last weekend at that Capital Raceway Pro Mod Wars, Marinis put down a 5.780@246.89 to reset the ET record for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association and broke the Capital Track Record as well.

Incrementals on the record breaking pass were –


This is likely one of the fastest and quickest passes ever with a Turbo 400! Dave at ProFormance builds one heck of a unit!!!

Check out The Racing Vid’s Great Video of their passes.

Congratulations Dean and Harry on the new NEOPMA Record!!!