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Jack Greene Wins 
Jack Greene at Radial Fest Huntsville

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

“Mean” Jack Greene recorded his second win in a row last weekend at the Ohio Valley Prize Fight race. Greene, who just won the Radial Fest in Huntsville in LDR and set a new personal best of 4.21 at that race was a man on a mission! At Ohio Valley he defeated Mike Hupp in the final with a new personal best of 4.20 to Hupp’s 4.26 to take the win.

Congratulations Jack and Team on your recent wins!!!

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Manny Buginga Wins Street Outlaw NMRA Battle it out in the Buckeye State Race

Photo Courtesy Bruder Brothers

Manny Buginga had a great weekend at the Ohio NMRA Battle it out in the Buckeye State Race June 10th! He went to the semi’s on the make up race, then defeated Dewayne Barbaree in the final with a 4.49 over Barbaree’s 4.52 to take the win!

Congratulations to Manny, Jen, Crew Chief’s Nick and Rich Bruder, Pat Speer and TJ Strange on the win!!!

An interesting side note, Nick’s wife was in the hospital having a baby over the weekend which is certainly a big event in anyone’s lives. Guess who was doing remote tuning while she was giving birth? Gotta admire the dedication of these guys!!! Wow.. And BIG Congratulations to the Bruders on their new baby!!

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Wesley Jones Wins Pro Extreme at PDRA North-South

Photo Courtesy

Wesley Jones captured his 1st ever PDRA Pro Extreme win on a holeshot, now that will make you feel pretty darn good on the long haul home! Jones defeated Terry Leggett in the “All NCRC” final round with a great light and a 3.601@212.46 to Leggett’s quicker 3.551@217.25.

Congratulations Wesley on your 1st PDRA Pro Extreme Win and to Terry Leggett on the Runner Up!!!

Jay Cox Wins Pro Nitrous at PDRA North-South

Photo Courtesy

In Pro Nitrous, bad to the bone Jay Cox proved he was the man to beat when he went 3.68@201 in qualifying, then kept blasting down 3.60 passes through eliminations which took him to the “All NCRC” final versus Tommy Franklin. Franklin went a 3.691@202.42 but it wasn’t quite enough to hold off Cox who went 3.681@200.86 to take the win!

Congrat’s to Jay and the Clements Mechanical Team on the win and to Tommy Franklin on the Runner Up!!

Tylor Miller Wins Pro Boost at PDRA North-South

Photo Courtesy

Tylor Miller had a great race day, starting off with his #1 qualifying performance, he kept up the pace defeating Ty Tutterow in a classic “All NCRC” final. Tutterow got a bit antsy and red lit, while Miller trucked straight on down the track with a new personal best of 3.70@197.91, Tuttrow also laid down a great pass with a 3.702@200.41.

Congratulations to Tylor and the PeeDee Fleet Team on the win, and to Ty Tutterow and the GALOT Team on the Runner Up!!!

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Dean Marinis Scores Back to Back wins - NHRAs 1st X275 Race and Cecil Countys Street Car Shootout!

Photo Courtesy Innovative Racecraft

“Mean Dean” Marinis lived up to his nickname once again, he recorded the 1st ever NHRA X275 Class win and broke the track record with a 4.46@164.03 in the final against Robert Baptista – and oh boy does that car have more in it, that was a 1.15 60′! Feeling a bit lucky, He then traveled from New England Dragway to race at Cecil County’s Street Car Shootout and won that one too! Dean defeated “Mr. Muscle” Darrell Varner with a scorching 4.45 to Varner’s off pace 5.37.

Congratulations Dean and Crew on a AWESOME weekend!!!!

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Ed Thornton Wins  Xtreme Pro Mods West at Sonoma

Photo Courtesy D Bar D Racing

Driver Ed Thornton and the D Bar D Racing Team ran a new personal best ET & MPH of 5.798@263 mph at the Memorial Day Xtreme Pro Mods West Race in Sonoma running the Neal Chance Lockup Converter! In the “not so pretty” final, Thornton defeated Jay Diedrich to take the win also, he ran an off pace 6.267@206.80 over Diedrich’s 6.436@240.55, but hey a win’s a win!

Big Congratulations on the new PB and Win to the D Bar D Racing Team, Driver Ed Thornton and to Tuned By Shane T, Doug Stewart, Derrol Hubbard, Rayce Thornton and Leith Tecklenburg. The Team also wants to thank Lucas Oil Products, Accufab Racing, Turbosmart USA, Precision Turbo and MoTeC Systems USA for all their help.