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4.22@189 with only a 540!!!

Brad Harris goes 4.22 at Shakedown in Etown

Photo Courtesy RPM Magazine

Brad Harris ran some real impressive numbers at the Shakedown at E-Town this year during qualifying in Outlaw 10.5. He ran a 4.22@189, and later a 4.26@188 which are certainly in the hunt, but what most don’t realize is he did it with a smallish 540 ci powerplant boosted by twin 90mm Turbos!

Brad faced fellow NCRC customer Mo Hall in the 1st round, but didn’t get a chance to repeat his quicker passes and fell off the mark a bit sending Mo on to the next round. Hey you can’t win em’ all and the team certainly had some Et’s to be proud of after this race.

Typically many of the Outlaw 10.5 cars that are running a number that quick are powered with a 632, or bigger engine, which makes Brad’s very quick ET’s even more special. We know Brad’s got a few more things to try when the weather warms up again, so look for some even quicker ET’s from this team in 2013.

Congratulations Brad on the new PB!

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Street Car Supernationals #8 in Vegas


Photo Courtesy

NMCA & NMRA Racer Mike DeMayo made the long pull West once again for the 8th Annual Street Car Super Nationals in Vegas to compete in the N/A Hot Street Class. Mike qualified #2 with a 8.212 and laid down the fastest pass in qualifying with a blistering 169.13 (39 mph backhalf) during one pass which dropped a few jaws!

Despite a lot of work to eek out a few more hundredths, DeMayo’s colorful Mustang decided it wanted to be a bracket car laying down passes in the 8.20’s repeatedly. That was plenty quick enough, combined with some good lights make his way through the ladder although he did ran a best of 8.193@163.28 during the second round win over Alguireto. In the final Mike defeated Victor Brum with a 8.211@162.20 to Victor’s 8.226@163.64 allowing him to take home his 4th SCSN Hot Street Championship. That’s a nice way to cap off a darn good season where he had also won 2 out of 3 N/A races.

Congratulations to Mike & Team Powerhead!

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Final Race Points Championship at Baytown

Clark Brothers take TAO Championship

Photo Courtesy Clark Brothers Racing

Eric Clark drove his way to the Texas Automatic Outlaw’s points championshop November 11th at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas.

Eric, driver of the Clark Brothers Racing Team, qualified #1 with a 3.99, went a 3.98 in the first round and runnered up in the final which put him solidly in the points lead by two points to win the 2012 Championship! During that process they also broke the record twice at only 17% over and above min weight too boot!

Congratulations to Eric, Scott and Team on the new Record and TAO Championship!

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Goes 6.829@223.28 at World Cup Race

Marc Carlyle World Record Pass Time Slip

Mark Carlyle 1st broke the LSX Drag Radial and Stock Suspension Corvette records when he ran a 7.09@212, on that pass he also went a 4.74 660′ – that was back in the first of October. He then broke into the 6 second zone a few weeks later at the LSX Shootout where he went 6.99@209, the first to break the six second barrier in the LSX Drag Radial Class.

There are a lot of guys that would call it as season right there shutting it down on a high note, put the car up on jackstands and enjoy a few months off,but not Mark! Next stop, the World Cup Race at MIR where Mark qualified #1 blasting away their own record with a 6.829@223.28 in the 2nd round of qualifying. He then backed it up in the 4th round with a 6.89@221!!!

Carlyle made it all the way to the finals but experieinced some breakage unfortunately but he still runnered up and laid waste to his previous record. He now solidly holds the World’s Quickest and Fastest IRS equipped car!!! But wait, there’s more… We hear Mark’s repairing the damage from MIR and is on his way to Vegas for the Street Car Supernationals – this season ain’t over yet, not when you’re Mark Carlyle!!! We can’t wait to hear the results from that race.

Congratulations Mark, IPS Motorsports and Team on your new records and the R/U finish!!!

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1st Time out with NXS lays down a 5.873@248.75!!!

Marc Meadors - Pure Hell2

Photo Courtesy of Marc Gewertz

Marc Meadors put one into the record books at the California Hot Rod Reunion October 21st with both a win and he reset both ends of the record books for Nostalgia Pro Mod!

“It was so easy to make it fast…”

Prior to this race, Marc installed the latest in converter technology for Roots & Screw Blown cars, the NXS billet converter in to his “Pure Hell2” 68 Camaro . He went on to shatter the record with a 5.873@248.75mph blast in the first round, and that was no small feat as the team was using a rather small 451 inch TAD engine to boot!.

That “little” engine went 197 mph to the 1/8th as well, and yes that’s smoking fast. Marc went on to squeak out an even faster 249.03 in the semi-final over Joe Lepone Jr.

This was Meador’s first win at Famoso, and you can certainly bet that it won’t be his last!

Congratulations Marc and the Goodguys Racing Team!!!