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Wins Fourth in a Row in QRC Series and New Offical Record 4.003


Photo Courtesy of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani

King Tut has done it once again with his 4th victory in the QRC Series February 7th.
He also reset the Outlaw 10.5 World Record again with a 4.003@192.63 blast during
the 3rd Round of Qualifying.

60′: 1.051
330′: 2.720
660′: 4.003

Todd defeated a red lighting Dave Hance in the final round to take the Al-Anabi Corvette to the winners circle once again! He has to be almost uncatchable now in the points series with only one more race to go, but we’re not real sure how the points system for this championship is setup, anyway you look at it and he has to be solidly in the lead.

Congratulations Todd on yet another win and breaking the record once again!

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Alex Hossler goes 3.51

Image Courtesy Drag Illustrated

Alex Hossler, Frankie Taylor and Todd Tutterow are laying down STUNNING passes in Qatar during testing!! This appears now to be an all out battle to the 3.40’s!!

King Tut is also smoking fast in Outlaw 10.5, will he dip into the 3’s on race day? The odd’s are very high!!!

Driver       60′    330′    660′    MPH
Tutterow 1.04 2.705 3.987 192
Hossler .898 2.367 3.518 215.68
Taylor .897 2.375 3.529 213.50


Huge Congratulations to the Hossler, Taylor and Tutterow Teams!!!

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Photo Courtesy Gulf Drag Race Champions

Frankie “Mad Man” Taylor Collects 2nd Win at ADRL QRC

Frankie Taylor took the win in Round 3 of the Arabian Drag Racing League International Championship, this is his second win in the series giving him a nice points boost. The win was no cake walk for Taylor as fellow NCRC equipped Alex Hossler was set on kill recording a 3.549@212.93 during qualifying. Taylor pushed the tree when he went up against Von Smith in the semi-finals resulting in a .014 light and a nice victory running 3.58@212.03 over Von Smith’s 3.59@209.43.

In the final against Alex Hossler both cars broke, but Frankie was able to still put down a 3.70 pass while Hossler set on the line broken – that would have been an awesome all NCRC final round if both cars hadn’t suffered breakage.

Congratulations to Mad Man and crew for the win and to the Hossler Al-Anabi Team on their runner up!!!


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Photo Courtesy of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani

Records a 4.01 in Competition, Wins 3rd Round ADRL QRC

Todd Tutterow has taken claim to the official Outlaw 10.5 record during the 3rd round of racing of the Arabian Drag Racing Leauge after recording a 4.01 pass in competition. He also laid claim to the event win driving the Al-Anabi Outlaw 10.5 Corvette, his third in a row after Dave Hance redlighted in the final round. On that pass Tutterow laid down yet another 4.04@191.61.

Tutterow become the first Outlaw 10.5 driver in the threes on January 14th when the Al-Anabi Corvette stopped the clocks with a 3.993@191.95. Although since it was in testing it’s an “unoffical” record, regardless he was the first to get there and nobody will forget it.

Todd is certainly in the lead for the series points championship with triple back to back wins, which will be a nice payday for him.

Congratulations King Tut on the Win and New “official” World Record!!!

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Puts down a .874 Sixty Foot in Testing


Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

Frankie Taylor and Team are not resting over in Qatar, they went out testing today and laid down a Earth Rotating .874 60′ then blew the tires off. They came back and turned the wick down a bit and laid down another .877 60′ but again broke lose. They finally got it turned down enough to make a full pass with a .902 60′, 2.385 330′ and 3.543@213.47 – Wow…

Qualifying for the third race starts tomorrow – we can’t wait.. Will the records fall once again? Will someone go into the 3.40’s??? Stay tuned..

Oh, we about forgot, NXSTTF!!!