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Decker resets Outlaw 10.5 Record, wins at MIR

Photo Courtesy Decker’s Salvage

Mike Decker and the Decker’s Salvage Racing Team had an awesome weekend April 19th! The Team reset the Outlaw 10.5 record here in the States with a 3.989@193.16 in qualifying breaking Richard Sexton’s record from last year, also set at MIR! He also took drove the bad blown black Camaro to the winners circle by defeating Dale Collins in the final 4.035@192.63 to Collin’s 4.127@189.68.

Congratulations to Mike, Decker’s Salvage and Tuner Gil Mobley of Mobley Motorsports on the win and new Outlaw 10.5 Record!

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Pro Extreme

King Tut wins Pro Extreme at the Rock!

Photo Courtesy

Todd “King Tut” Tutterow came up from behind to win the Pro Extreme class despite a less then stellar qualifying attempt which landed him #12, but those issues did not let the Team give up by no means, they kept at it and made it to the finals. Tutterow got a lucky break in the all NCRC final when Mustafa Buhumaid went -.084 red with a 3.587@216.06, Tutterow saw the red light and coasted to take the win light with a 4.636@111.85.

Buhumaid was running consistent 3.58’s during eliminations and would have been tough for Tutterow to outrun in the final if it wasn’t for the red light start.

Congratulations to King Tut and Team Galot on the win and to Mustafa on the R/U finish! We also want to give a shout out to Jason Scruggs who was #1 qualifier with a 3.54@217.42!

Pro Extreme MPH Record Smashed!

In the second round of eliminations of Pro Extreme, Jose Gonzalez in the Q80 Camaro ripped off a blistering 3.67 -227 MPH blast with the NCRC Billet Lockup! That’s a new MPH World Record, and a mighty impressive one at that! Jose got outran in the 3rd round by Todd Tutterow when they rain into problems and the car slowed, but certainly an impressive performance at this race! Congratulations guys!

Pro Nitrous

Rickie Smith Wins Pro Nitrous, Franklin R/U

Photo Courtesy

NHRA Pro Mod World Champion “Tricky” Rickie Smith got his teeth into PDRA competition big time with his win at Rockingham! Smith defeated defending Pro Nitrous Champion Jason Harris in an “All NCRC” final round. Smith reacted quicker and ran a 3.82@199.61 to Harris’s 3.812@199.05, but due to a slower light passed the win to Smith for the win, not bad for Smith who is more used to a clutch – we think he’s liking these converter cars about now!

Congratulations to Smith and Team on your win, and to Harris and Team on your runner up!!

Pro Nitrous MPH Record Broken!

Also in Pro Nitrous Stevie “Fast” Jackson set a new Pro Nitrous Record of 203.49 during qualifying, ran 203.34 in the 2nd Round of eliminations which should have backed it up for an official MPH record! Congratulations Jackson, Billy Stocklin and the rest of the Team on the new Pro Nitrous MPH Record!

Congratulations also to Jay Cox who just switched to our new Billet Lockup Converter, Jay was #1 qualifier with a 3.744@200.35 and later laid down a blistering 3.72@202.44 in the 1st round for Low ET.

Pro Open Outlaw

Phil Esz wins Open Outlaw at the Rock!

Photo Courtesy PDRA

Phil Esz won the Pro Open Outlaw class, the first race for the new class which consists of Roots blown or Turbocharged dragsters or Altereds. Esz qualified #1 with a 3.64@202.67 then set Low ET and Top speed with a 3.62@204.32 setting the pace for the new class. In the finally he won by defeating Eddie Lykins with a 3.657@203.80 to Lykin’s DQ Red Light Start w/no Time.

Congratulations Phil on your win and performance!

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Jason Michalak New Pro Drag Radial Record Holder

Photo Courtesy Kim’s Drag Racing Photos

Despite crazy weather conditions of rain and even snow, the Outlaw Street Car Reunion at Memphis International Raceway raised the bar for Drag Radial Competition that much higher March 29th.

The Dream Team of Jason Michalak, Billy Stocklin and Frankie Taylor busted the Pro Drag Radial World Record on Sunday with a 3.97 in the first round of qualifying Saturday. After watching this team run 4.00 at Denton just a couple weeks ago, we all knew that pass was coming, it was just a matter of “when”!

Michalak was headed to the finals against Brad Edwards when rain forced the race to be canceled. That would have been an awesome race, but it’ll have to wait for next time.

Congratulations to Jason Michalak, Billy Stocklin, Frankie Taylor and the Bad9er Racing Team on the New Record!!! Job well done guys!!

David Pearson 4.12 at Memphis

Photo Courtesy

We also want to give a shot out to David Pearson who laid down a 4.12 on 275 radials at this event which proves that 4.11 in testing a couple weeks ago wasn’t a candy wrapper pass! Pearson qualified #4 in Pro Drag Radial on the little tire, and unfortunately spun in eliminations ending his day early.


Bruder Brothers #1 Qualifer at Outlaw Street Car Reunion

Photo Courtesy

In X275, The Bruder Brothers were laying down dominate passes after qualifying #1 with a 4.469@167.22, the Brother’s were all prepared to take the win in a final round against Kit Loung, but also had to split due to rain. They were certainly on their game at this race!!

Congratulations Rich & Nick on some impressive passes!

Ultra Street

Butch Kemp Outlaw Street Car Reunion Ultra Street

Photo Courtesy

NMCA N/A 10.5 Racer Butch Kemp was there running Ultra Street in his Naturally Aspirated Mustang impressing the troops. Kemp qualified #2 with a 4.923@142 and later uncorked a 4.89 in the Semi’s against Joel Greathouse. That put him in the finals against Shawn Pevlor until the rain canceled the race.

It was good to see Butch at a Drag Radial race and super competitive as well!

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Lawrence Wins NMCA Street Outlaw!

Photo Courtesy

James Lawrence and the BlownZ Racing Team took home the win in NMCA Street Outlaw last weekend at the NMCA West Season Opener. Despite starting out with an all new combination, Lawrence and crew laid down a 7.36@203 in the heat during eliminations. After making his way to the finals, his competition, Ryan “Toaster” Jones was not able to make the call to the lanes after experiencing engine problems, handing Lawrence the win. Not the way a racer like James wants the win for sure, but the team did set a new best MPH for the car with that 203 MPH blast, and they did it in not so great 3300′ of air!

Lawrence also two weeks ago runnered up at the PSCA race in Xtreme Drag Radial.

Congratulations to James, the BlownZ Racing Team and on their win and good luck at the WCHRA race coming up!!

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Mustafa Buhumaid Winner Pro Exteme Winner PDRA Texas Nationals

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

The Professional Drag Racers Association got off to a rocky start at their 1st race of the season. Fighting spring weather that threatened their schedule, the PDRA kept after it and got their race in finally on Sunday March 22nd. NCRC Customer Mustafa Buhumaid from the UAE won his first PDRA event in an all NCRC Final against Brandon Snider who was in his new Camaro. Buhumaid ran a 3.57@214.52 to edge out Snider who laid down a close 3.59@211.99.

Congratulations to both Mustafa and his Team on the win and to Snider and Team on their runner up!

We also want to congratulate Randell Reid who was #1 qualifier with a 3.557@213.47 – Way to go guys!

Tommy Franklin Winner Pro Nitrous Winner PDRA Texas Nationals

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

In Pro Nitrous Tommy Franklin qualified #1 with a 3.715@201.19 which reset the Pro Nitrous Record!

No stranger to the winners circle, Frankly kept the momentum up and blasted his way to the winners circle where he faced new NCRC Customer, Jeffrey Cummins in the final. Franklin went 3.743@200.71 to Cummins 3.808@194.32.

Congratulations to Tommy and Team on the win and to Jeffrey and Team on the runner up!