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Jason Michalak Wins Street Car Super Nationals in Vegas!

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Jason Michalak hot on the heals of his World Record breaking performance at Northstar earlier this month collected yet another win at Vegas. Running in the 1/8th Mile Outlaw 10.5 Vs. Radial Class, Jason broke into the 3’s yet again with a 3.95@192 for #1 qualifying spot. As many expected, Michalak laid waste to the competition in eliminations and made it to the winner’s circle after his final round competition Nick Agostino hurt his engine in the previous round and couldn’t make the call.

Congratulations to Jason and Dream Team Billy Stocklin, Frankie Taylor and Kyle Huettel – Team Bad9er!!!

Doug Paddock Wins Street Car Super Nationals in Vegas!

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Doug Paddock put some laps on his Twin Turbo Mustang at SCSN, running both the 1/4 Mile Radial and 1/8th Mile Radial Classes. He defeated Josh Klugger in the final of the 1/4 Mile Radial class to take the win, and in the 1/4 Radial vs 1/4 Mile Outlaw Run Off, he Runnered Up.

Congrat’s Doug!!

Jacky McCarty Wins Street Car Super Nationals in Vegas!

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Jacky McCarty took home the win in X275 over Chase Driskell making his long tow from Virginia well worth while! McCarty went 4.85@153.37 on a full pass as Driskell couldn’t get his car off the line. McCarty qualified #3 with a 4.552@158.09. By our count, that makes SCSN Jacky’s 5th win this season, a pretty good year in anyone’s book!

Way to go Jacky, Tuner Josh Lindsey and the McCarty Performance Team!!!

Tony Aneian Wins Street Car Super Nationals in Vegas!

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In Hot Street, Tony Aneian once again wheeled his 67 Camaro into the winners circle! Tony chopped the tree down to defeat Dwight Ausmus in the final round with a 7.990@166.35 to Dwight’s 7.933@170.15 to take the win.

Congratulations Tony!!!

Jason Collins Wins Street Car Super Nationals in Vegas!

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Jason Collins and car owner Danny McMichael have just wrapped up a heck of a racing season! Collins, the Midwest 8.5 Season Champion and the winner of the St. Louis SCSN race this year, backed it up at Vegas! In what had to be the BIGGEST turnout in 8.5 class history with a 48 car turnout, Collins qualified with a 4.935@146.59. He then made it all the way to the final round where he faced #8 qualifier Anthony Smith. In a Deja Vu of the final at St. Louis, Collins once again won on a hole shot against Smith when he went .050 on the tree to Smith’s .099 then ran 4.890@142.78 to Smith’s 4.854@150.30!!

Congratulations to Jason and Danny on your SCSN win and an outstanding racing season!!

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“King Tut” aka Todd Tutterow has done it once again, on November 15th he wheeled the Galot Motorsports Camaro into the record books with a 3.69@202.88, a new World Record for a Roots Blown car! That pass eclipses his teammate Kevin Rivenbark’s record of 3.713 set back in October, and was plenty to put Tutterow in the #1 Qualifier position at the Shady side Dragway’s Carolina Xtreme Pro Mod race.
Roots Blower Record Breaking Time Slip - Team Galot
Todd went on in eliminations to defeat Alan Pittman in the final with a 3.76@199 to Pittman’s off pace 4.15@158 putting Team Galot in the winner’s circle.

Congratulations Todd and Team Galot on your win and new World Record!!!

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RTRA & Northstar Dragway’s final race of the 2015 season was certainly one that will go down in the record books!!!

Jason Michalak SMASHED the RVW Drag Radial Record with multiple blasts into the 3.80’s, with the best when he recorded a 3.877@194.72 during the first round of eliminations. Jeff Sitton, the previous ET record Holder also was laying down impressive passes in the 3.90’s, with a 200.45 recorded in testing, that’s probably a new MPH record for radials as well!

Michalak and Sitton both made it to the final for a powerhouse race with Sitton recording 3.90 passes, but what could have been the fastest side by side run in history disappeared when Sitton lost traction and Michalak thundered down the track to the tune of 3.89 to take the win.

BIG Congratulations to Jason Michalak and the Bad9er Team on your new Radial World Record and to Jeff Sitton and SEI Oil Field Team on your Runner Up and new MPH record!!!

Travis Thomason WIns Limited 275 RTRA Season Final

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Travis Thomason scored a repeat win at Northstar in RTRA’s Limited 275 Class. He qualified #2 with a 4.8487@143.31, right behind #1 qualifier Stephen Barnett. Both made it to the finals where Barnett redlighted and Thomason motored on down with a 4.92@142 to take the win.

Congratulations to Travis and Team Barry and Myra Burke on the win!!

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Brett Deutsch ran a new personal best pass and World Record for a Pro Stock Diesel Truck when he put down a 8.55@161.67 at Bryon Dragway’s Diesel Truck Blackout November 1st!!

Watch the video, this thing’s just nuts, watch him bump into the beams. The huge torque of the diesel spins the slicks on every move… You’ll also notice a lack of smoke when he’s got her moving downtrack too, must be an efficient tune up you don’t see often on a Diesel truck anywhere near this fast.

Congrats Brett on your new PB and Pro Street Record!

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Cerbone 2015 Big Tire Outlaw  Champ

Photo Courtesy Mark Tinari @GoDragRacing

John Cerebone had another great year behind the wheel of Gus Constantinou’s beautiful Camaro. Cerebone won the Big Tire Outlaw race at Atco in September, he runnered up twice in August and once again in October which put him in the points lead resulting in his 2nd Big Tire Outlaw Championship!!!

For icing on the cake, the team also used that big JCM Racing Engines Horsepower to set the both ET and MPH Record in the class with a 4.36@172!!!

Congratulations John, Gus and Team on your Record and Championship!!!