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July 22nd Paul Mouhayet and Team MOITS reset the Outlaw 10.5 World Record during testing at Sydney Dragway! Mouhayet went 5.866@255.29 for a new 1/4 Mile World Record!!!

Unfortunately Paul had a wreck in the Team’s Australian record holding Pro Mod in follow up testing at the Grudge Kings Event at Sydney Dragway. He luckily escaped the 261 MPH crash with only minor injuries and we wish him a fast recovery. This was after the team had ran a new Australian record breaking pass of 5.58@261mph Congratulations to Paul and Team MOITS / CV Performance on your new Outlaw 10.5 World Record and Pro Mod Australian Records!

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Kansas International Dragway, located just down the road about 40 minutes away from the Neal Chance Racing Converters Headquarters, hosted their 53rd Annual Summer Nationals Event July 16th. Neal Chance customers dominated at this race with wins and runners up in 4 classes!

Pro Mod

Joad Donnelly Wins  Pro Mod - at Kansas International Dragway

Photo Courtesy Team Donnelly

In Pro Mod, Joad Donnelly defeated Terry Cox in an “All NCRC” Pro Mod Final! Also Jon Stouffer reset the track record with a 3.86!

Congratulations to Joad and Team on the win, Terry on the R/U and the Stouffer Team on the new track record!


Bobby Stahl Wins Outlaw  - at Kansas International Dragway

Photo Courtesy Jim Marlett

Bobby Stahl took home the win over Randy Steddum in another “All NCRC” final in the Outlaw Class!!

Congratulations Bob and Randy on the win and Runner Up!!


John Heard Wins X275 at Kansas International Dragway

Photo Courtesy Jim Marlett

John Heard had a clean sweep in the X275 class – #1 Qualifier, broke the track record with a 4.79 pass during eliminations and backed it up in the “All NCRC” final vs Jason Flowers with a 4.78 to Jason’s 4.91!!

Congratulations to John & Chris on the win and new record, and to Jason on the Runner Up!


Warren Blanc Wins Electronics  at Kansas International Dragway

Photo Courtesy Jim Marlett

Warren Blanc won in the electronics class, with yet another “All NCRC” final over Chris Gray!

Congratulations Warren on the win and Chris on the Runner Up!

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Tommy D Aprile Pro Extreme Winner at PDRA North South Shootout!

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

Pro Extreme

Tommy D’Aprile won his first race of the season in Pro Extreme at the PDRA’s North-South Shootout at Budds Creek July 16th. Tommy defeated #1 qualifier Brandon Snider who couldn’t make the “All NCRC” final round call due to problems. We’re sure Tommy would have rather beat Brandon racing instead of a bye run.

Congratulations to Tommy and the Mel Bush Motorsports Team on your win!!

Also congrat’s to Brandon Snider and Team on their 3.522@216.83 #1 Qualifer and R/U!

Tommy Franklin wins PDRA North South Shootout!!

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

Pro Nitrous

Tommy Franklin came out on top in Pro Nitrous putting him now in the #2 points position behind Jay Cox. In the “All NCRC” final, Franklin defeated Travis Harvey when Harvey’s 3.868@199.46 wasn’t enough to catch his 3.814@202.21 despite cutting a better light.

Congratulations to Tommy and and Team on your Win and to Travis Harvey on the Runner Up!

Also a shoutout to Lizzy Musi, #1 qualifier with a 3.758@204.48!

Jay Cox suffered a terrible crash at this event during round 2 of eliminations, we’re glad he wasn’t hurt and wish him and the Team a fast recovery with their racing program.

John Strickland wins PDRA Budds Creek Pro Boost

Photo Courtesy

Pro Boost

Galot Motorsports Driver John Strickland nailed the win in Pro Boost after qualifying #1 with a 3.815.
He defeated Tyler Miller in the “All NCRC” final, 3.890@194.91 over Millers’s 3.992@192.99.

Congratulations to John and the Galot Motorsports Team on your win & #1 qualifying run and to Tylor on the Runner Up!!!

Mo Hall wins PDRA Budds Creek Outlaw 10.5

Photo Courtesy

Outlaw 10.5

Mo “Superman” Hall put a stop to Mike Decker’s winning streak in Outlaw 10.5. Decker, who has been killing it this year, qualified #1 with a 4.077@188.23 didn’t get the run he wanted when he went up against Mo Hall in the “All NCRC” final in the heat. Decker laid down a 4.348@170.45 pedaling it, and it wasn’t enough to upset Hall, who ran a 4.174@178.31.

Congratulations to Mo Hall on the win, and to Mike Decker on the Runner Up!!!

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James Finney - Birdman wins Redemption 5.0 Big Tire!!

Photo Courtesy National No Prep Racing Association

James Finney aka “Birdman” and Gary Weatherly are still on their World Domination Tour, with the latest stop at Redemption 5 at Texas Raceway July 16th. Birdman defeated Cody James in the “Warpath” Vette in the Big Tire Class to take home the big $$$$$ yet again!

Congratulations to James, Gary and Crew Chad Rogers, Nick Guettler, Howie Crabtree & Chris Wright on your big win! Way to go!!!

Chris Hamilton - Boosted GT wins Redemption 5.0 Small Tire!!

Photo Courtesy National No Prep Racing Association

We’re also proud to present another new member of Team Chance, Chris Hamilton aka “Boosted GT”, who took home the $10k win in Small Tire!! That was a heck of a job against 49 cars, not to mention getting it done in the heat to boot!

Congratulations Chris, Kayla and Crew Shayne Ward, Rob Sitton, Juan Esquivel Jr,. Rick Scott, Francisco Vega, Cody Jones, Clint Witt & Andre Davis on your big win!!!