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Jamie Hancock No Mercy V Radial Vs World Champion

Jamie Hancock Radial Vs World Winner
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Radial Vs The World, Nitrous Makes A Come Back!

All eyes were on the RVW class at No Mercy V looking for the big numbers up on the board, and the NCRC equipped teams didn’t disappoint. “Stevie Fast” Jackson driving Phil Shuler’s “The Shadow” Grudge car stunned everyone when he put up a 4.102@183.74 in qualifying landing him the #1 position – yeah it’s THAT fast! Jamie Hancock, also a Nitrous Car, followed in #2 position with a blazing 4.104@184.14. That’s some fast company right there, in fact the bump in RVW was a staggering 4.371, some very tough competition no doubt!

Steve Jackson No Mercy V Top Qualifier

Steve Jackson #1 Qualifier
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Hancock emerged the victor after defeating Brad Edwards in a “gotta get it done” final round just minutes before the track had to close due to curfew. Both cars were way off pace, with Hancock suffering a nitrous backfire limping along to a 4.488@130.43 and Edwards also having issues could only muster a way off pace 4.762@147.36.

Congratulations to Jamie and the Hancock Racing Team on your big win!!

We also want to give a shout out to Enzo Pecchini who qualified his Procharged combination at #7 position in Radial vs The World, the quickest Procharged Combo at the race. He defeat Mark Micke in Round 2, but fell to Dewayne Mills in R3 during a very close 4.17 to 4.12 race.

Todd Moyer X275 No Mercy V Champion

“Turbo” Toddd Moyer X275 Winner
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Moyer Wins Another Big One in X275

“Turbo Todd” Moyer took home yet another BIG win at No Mercy V, The Texas native who has one ALL the big races he’s been in this year in X275 is $10k richer! Moyer qualified #10 with a 4.654@153.77, but stepped it up during eliminations. He defeated #1 qualifier Ron Rhodes in the final with a 4.574@154.55 to Rhodes 4.692@152.85.

Congratulations to Todd and Team Deez on another great victory! Hope you have room for all those trophy’s!

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Eric Gustofeon NMCA Street Outlaw Winner Vegas

Eric Gustofeon and R&E Racing Team recently captured the NMCA Street Outlaw win in Vegas. Eric defeated James Lawrence in an “All NCRC” final round. Lawrence got a little greedy on that pass going up in smoke and Gustofeon charged down the track with a 7.23@200. Both Lawrence and Gustofeon are in a points battle that will likely be decided at the NMCA Season Final.

Gustofeon was also #1 qualifier with a 7.21@192, pretty good for 5100 DA!!

Congratulations Eric and R & E Racing on your win, and to James Lawrence on your Runner Up!!

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Chris Cadotto Sets Roots Record at Cecil YB Nationals

We’d like to congratulate Chris Cadotto on setting a new Personal Best and Cecil Outlaw 10.5 Record at the Yellow Bullet Nationals! Chris qualified #12th with his big Dodge Ram and recorded a best pass of 4.24@175 whic his the fastest ever Roots Blower pass at Cecil on 10.5’s!!!

Incrementals were:
1.10 60′
2.842 to the 330′

Way to go Chris!!!