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Flamholc Wins Bradenton, R/U at WSN and Snowbird Nationals!!!

Adam Flamholc and The MMR Racing Team has capped his 2016 season off with great results…

Flamholc qualified #3 and won the US Street Nationals at Bradenton, then headed to Orlando for the World Street Nationals where he was #2 qualifier with a 5.78 – a new PB!! Then he runnered up in the finals against Kevin Fiscus. Next the Team went back to Bradenton for the Snowbird Nationals, qualified #3 and again made it to the finals to runner up Vs. Mike Janis. Not a bad end to the year!!! The team also won the Russian Pro Mod Championship as well.

Congratulations Adam and Team MMR on a great season!!!

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Rodney Whatley

Photo Courtesy MaxCackle / RTRA

We just recently found out that Rodney Whatley very likely set a RVW 60′ record at No Mercy 7, his blown Camaro went .958 with one of our NSX Converters. That’s the quickest 60′ we’ve ever seen far for a RVW car! He did it during round 2 of eliminations in Radial Vs. The World, taking the win over Kyle Huttel. Third round provide that setup was a touch too much for the track to handle and he spun – but wow, he stuck a .958!!!

Congratulations Rodney and Team on an awesome pass!

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John Stouffer Wins ADRL Insane Pro Mod at Gateway

Photo Courtesy Kayla Pickle / Starting Line Motorsports

Insane Pro Mod

Jon Stouffer from Neosho Missouri defeated Brandon Pesz in an “ALL NCRC” final of the new “Insane Pro Mod” ADRL class. Stouffer ran a 3.749@199.99 over Pesz close 3.774@204.05. Insane Pro Mod is a new class invented by ADRL which features 1/8th Mile racing with ANY engine combination and multiple power adders at 2350 lbs – this class may get a little nuts before long!

Congratulations to Jon, the Stouffer Communications Team and Starting Line Motorsports on the first ever Insane Pro Mod win, and to Brandon Pesz and Team on the Runner Up!!

Real Pro Mod

“Tricky” Ricky Smith won the $4000 purse for Real Pro Mod class by beating Dan Stevenson with a 4.862@231.00 to Stevenson’s 4.936@232.51. If those numbers sound funny, it’s because the “Real” Pro Mod class at the new ADRL is 1000′, not 1/8 mile like most Pro Mod Classes. Smith also previously captured his third NHRA Pro Mod Championship this year!!!

Congratulations Ricky and Team on your win!!

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Mustang Mike Modeste Radial vs Modified Winner at World Cup!!

Photo Courtesy

Mustang Mike Modeste didn’t get off to a good start at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals at MIR. Some problems caused him to qualify last in Radial Vs. Modified, but he quickly figured it out by the 1st round where he took out #1 qualifier Carl Brunet with a 6.437@197.05 to Brunet’s 6.459@216.51. In the finals Modeste defeated Steve Willingham with a 1.08 60′, 6.64@186.82 to Willingham’s way aborted 9.18.

Congratulations Mike on the big $10,000 Win!!!!

We also want to congratulate the Bruder Brothers, #1 Qualifier in X275 vs Hot Rod with a 6.863@199.49!!