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 Jerry Mitrovic PDRA Memphis Pro Extreme Winner

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Jerry Mitrovic has had a great season this year in Outlaw 10.5 driving his low slung 68 Camaro into the winners circle the last three times in a row!

He won the Canadian Street Car National at Toronto Motorsports Park in August, the Canadian Nitro Nationals at Toronto Motorsports Park in July, then most recently the Maryland PDRA race in Outlaw 10.5! His best ET at the PDRA race was a very quick 4.11@187.16 which is pretty good as the car is sporting a new combo for the team, a 900+ Musi Engine with Bruno/Liberty.

Congratulations on your winning streak Jerry, we hope it continues!!!

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Jason Scruggs PDRA Memphis Pro Extreme Winner

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Pro Extreme
For the 4th time this season, Jason Scruggs visited the Winners circle at the Memphis PDRA race. Scruggs, the #1 qualifier and track record with a 3.54@214.25 defeated Terry Leggett in an “All NCRC” final. Jason cut the tree down with a .004 light and ran a 3.57@216.34 to Leggett’s quicker 3.54@215.07 which qualified for a nail biter of a race!

Congratulations to Jason and the Scruggs Farm Team on your win and to Terry Leggett and Crew on your Runner Up!!!

Tommy Franklin PDRA Memphis Pro Nitrous Winner

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Pro Nitrous
Tommy Franklin also revisted the Winners circle at Memphis for his second time this season! Tommy took out Stevie “Fast” Jackson in a close final consisting of “All NCRC” customers. Franklin, the #1 qualifier, ran a 3.78@199.58 to Jackson’s tire shaking 3.81@200.92 for the win.

Congratulations Tommy and Crew on your Win and to Steve and Team on your Runner-up!!!

Kevin Rivenbark PDRA Memphis Pro Boost Winner

Photo Courtesy PDRA

Pro Boost
Not to be outdone, Kevin Rivenbark also collected his 2nd Win of the 2015 season at Memphis. Rivenbark, driving the GALOT Racing Team’s beautiful new Vette. qualified 4th with a 3.88@191.67, picked up the pace a bit in eliminations where he defeated Kevin Fiscus with a 3.83@193.54 to Fiscus’s 3.86@204.01.

Congratulations Kevin and the GALOT Team on your Win!!!

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The Throwdown in T-Town August 15th displayed big wins for quite a few Team NCRC members, from Outlaw Pro Mod to MX275, our guys recorded 4 wins and 3 Runner Ups, and we’re very proud of them!!

Frankie Taylor wins Throwdown in T-Town Outlaw Pro Mod

Photo Courtesy of Tulsa Raceway Park / Charles Judd

Outlaw Pro Mod

Frankie Taylor struggled a bit at the Throwdown, but he got things figured out in eliminations to take the win over John Stouffer. In the “All NCRC” final Taylor ran a 3.574@213.67 over Stouffer’s 3.663@204.23!

Congratulations Frankie and Paul Taylor on your win and to Jon Stouffer and the Stouffer Comunications Team on your Runner Up!!!

Ron Muenks wins Throwdown in T-Town Outlaw Doorslammer

Photo Courtesy of Tulsa Raceway Park / Charles Judd

Outlaw Doorslammer

The Dave’s RV Team with Ron Muenks behind the wheel took the honors in Outlaw Doorslammer. Ron defeated Richard Stafford in another “All NCRC” final where Richard ran a 4.354@165.82 but was not able to catch Ron when he laid down a quick 3.842@197.77.

Congratulations to Ron, Dave, Jeff and the Dave’s RV Team on your win and to Richard and Kathy on your Runner Up!!!

Jim Sackuvich wins Throwdown in T-Town Pro Nitrous

Photo Courtesy of Tulsa Raceway Park / Charles Judd

Pro Nitrous

Jim Sackuvich made the haul down from Kansas City, and the pull was certainly worth his time. He took home the honors at the Throwdown. He took out Keith Haney in the “All NCRC” final when Keith had “one too many” Redbulls and went .007 red, Jim who was more conservative on the light with a .054, went 3.811@198.79 and Keith ran it out regardless to the tune of 3.793@199.61.

Congratulations Jim and the Sackuvich Motorsports Team on your win, and to Keith Haney and Team on your Runner Up!!

Taylor Lastor wins Throwdown in T-Town MX275

Photo Courtesy Reds Drag Racing Photos


MX275 (A close twin to X275) was contested in the finals between the local, Kit Loung from Tulsa, and the Texan, Taylor Lastor. Lastor got out first and took the win in a close race with Loung, he went 4.70@154.37 to Kit’s 4.74@152.74!

Congratulations to Taylor and the TRE Crew on your win!!!

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Alex Hays Ultra Street Winner at Kilkare

Alex Hays from Canton, Michigan used to run solely the Milan All Motor Class, but recently decided to try his luck in the new Ultra Street Class and make the switch to some radials. Alex & Team traveled to Xenia, Ohio to run at Kilkare Raceway with the Xtreme Outlaw Series on August 8th.

Despite it being his first time racing in Ultra Street, Alex qualified #1 with a 5.02, then went into eliminations laying down bracket like 5.0X passes all night long. That consistency did the trick to take home the team’s first win over Jason McGrane in the final where he laid down a 4.99@139.77!

Hay’s Mustang is powered by a 585 ci Big Block Chevy with single carb, a Rossler 3 speed 400 and a NCRC All Billet Converter put the power to the ground.

Congratulations on your first Ultra Street Win Alex and Team!!!

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Video Courtesy Southern Streets / Youtube

Thanks to all your staff for building a converter that can handle the abuse we put it through!!! The burn-downs and the peddling of no prep racing take a toll on parts but the Chance converter holds up every time!!!
James Finney

James “Birdman” Finney made the pull all the way from Amarillo, Texas August 15th for the huge Thunder Valley “Outlaw Armageddon” No Prep race. It was certainly a worthwhile trip as he won the Outlaw Open class over Flaco and netted a cool $10,000 for his efforts! 15,874 fans watched him gap Flaco in his Turbo powered, NCRC NXS equipped 3rd Gen Camaro to take the win!

Congratulations James, co-owner Gary Weatherly, and the Crew of Howard Crabtree, Chad Rodgers, Nick Guettler and Travis Berger on your big win!!!

TJ Johnson wins Pure Street - Outlaw Armageddon

Photo Courtesy TJ Johnson

In the True Street class TJ Johnson steered clear of the dangers of No Prep, which was no joke with a number of wrecks at this race. Regardless, TJ drove his beautiful blue 67 Chevelle equipped with a NCRC 9″ bolt together to the winners circle over Billy Williams! “Pure Street” is fitting, this street bruiser still has an OEM block, stock frame rails, wipers, etc. – it’s a fully street legal ride!

Congratulations TJ on your win!!!