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Jeff Sitton drove his Nitrous Radial Camaro, Nicknamed “Hyde” into the record books at SGMP’s Huge No Mercy 6 Race. With a 3.94, Sitton got his first Nitrous Pass in the Three’s… Then he released the Kracken and blasted out a 3.909@192.14 during the third round of qualifying, breaking the World Record for Radial Vs. The World!!!!

Incrementals on the record breaking pass were –

Sitton and Team have raised the bar for sure! Sponsored by SEI Oilfield Services, this is ONE BAD HEART BREAKER!!!

Huge Congratulations to Jeff, Stevie Jackson, Billy Stocklin and The Killin Time Racing Crew!

Not only did Jeff reset the Radial Vs. The World Record, but several others from Team NCRC dipped into the threes as well…

#2 Rick Thorton also dipped into the 3’s for the second time running a 3.963@196 in qualifying.
#4 Jamie Hancock also broke into the threes with a 3.978@185.77!!!

What a race! Too bad rain canceled the show, but watch out in February when everyone returns to SGMP in the cool air!!!

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Jon Stouffer back to back wins!!

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Jon Stouffer’s been on a winning streak this month. The veteran driver PDRA Pro Extreme Racer has been breaking hearts here in the midwest of late. September 19th he won the Pro Mod class at Ozark Raceway Park’s Street Machine Nationals, and this last weekend he won Kansas International Dragway’s Fall Nationals as well!!

Congratulations Jon and the Stouffer Communications Team!!!

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 Jerry Mitrovic Outlaw 10.5 Winner at Shakedown

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Outlaw 10.5

Hot on the heels of his PDRA Maryland Win, Team 68 Driver Jerry Mitrovic and Car Owner Mike Pereira nabbed the #1 qualifying position with a 4.042@188.91, a new personal best!!!!

Jerry went on to defeat Frank Pompilio in the finals, it was a close race when Jerry laid down another 4.04@188 with Frank hot on his heels with a 4.05@196.

Congratulations to Jerry, Mike, Paul and Team 68 on your win and new PB!!!

John Stanley Money Shot Winner at Shakedown

Photo Courtesy John Stanley

The Money Shot

John and Camp Stanley won the fastest car “Money Shot” pass during qualifying with a 5.72@233 MPH blast to take home a cool $5000!!! Way to go guys!

Pecchini Runners Up in Outlaw Limited Street at the Shakedown!!

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Outlaw Limited Street

Enzo Pecchini Runnered up in Outlaw Limited Street (D/R) against DeWayne Mills in a very close final. Enzo’s Procharged Ford certainly at a bit of a disadvantage against Mill’s Twin Turbo Big Block, but the result was oooohhhh so close. Peccini went 4.02@196, a new PB we think, and Mills went 4.00@202 for the win.

Certainly a valiant effort, and very close result – congratulations Enzo on the Runner Up!!!

Connelley Runners Up in X275 at the Shakedown!!

Photo Courtesy Straight Line Media


Martin Connelley driving Jack Vanovers 90′ Mustang collected the Runner Up position in X275 against Jamie Stanton. Connelley ran a 4.56@157 to Stanton’s 4.49@159.

Congrat’s on the Runner Up Martin & Fast Jack!!

Butch Kemp wins Ultra Street at the Shakedown!!

Photo Courtesy Moto Lenz

Ultra Street

Butch Kemp qualified his NCRC Billet 8″ Converter equipped, Uratchko Racing Engines Naturally Aspirated 440” Small Block Ford in the #2 spot with a 4.96, tucked in right behind Alex “The Calypso Kid” Hays, also equipped with a NCRC Billet Converter, Uratchko Engine Powered Mustang who ran a 4.94@140.

In the final, Butch came out on top after defeating Jeff Kinsler in his 68′ Firebird, 4.91@141 to Kinlser’s 4.96@142.

Congratulations Butch and Team on the Win, and to Alex on the #1 qualifier!!!

We were sorry to see Mike DeMayo’s unfortunate accident when running Ultra Street and we’re glad he didn’t get hurt. Hopefully Team Powerhead will get fixed up and back out soon.

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Jody Stroud wins Open Outlaw PDRA Rockingham!!

Jason Michalak
Photo Courtesy

Jody Stroud wins Open Outlaw PDRA Rockingham!!

Rick Thorton
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Jason Michalak and Rick Thorton put on quite a show at the RTRA race at Northstar Dragway September 12th in the Pro Drag Radial Class.

Thorton chose this event to join the 3 second club when he was lined up against hard charging Justin “Red” Martin. Thorton went 1.088 to the 60′, 2.7324 to the 330′ and clicked off a 3.9987@195.31!!!! To top it off, he and tuner Grant McCrary did it with a small block to boot! That run was the 1st official 3 second run for any small block on a M/T 315 radial!!

Thorton drew Jason Michalak, another rare member of the 3 second club in the “All NCRC” final. Thorton, all pumped up after his three second run, got a bit antsy on the tree and lit that ugly red while Michalak thundered down track with a 4.0119@190.03.

Congratulations to Jason Michalak and the Bad9er Team on the win, and to Rick Thorton, Grant McCrary and the Fast Forward Innovations Team on the R/U plus new World Record for a Small Block on 315’s!!!

We also want to give a shout out to Taylor Lastor who was also competing in Pro Drag Radial, he recorded a new PB with his NCRC Lockup Converter running a 4.0408 to take the #1 qualifying position.

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As the season winds down for the PDRA, NCRC customers continue to dominate the series where you’ll find the World’s Fastest Doorslammers (and Dragsters!) competing with many different combinations. Pick your power adder, or none, and NCRC can help you get to the Winner’s Circle, FAST!

Jason Scruggs wins Pro Extreme PDRA Rockingham!!

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Pro Extreme

In Pro Extreme Jason Scruggs defeated Todd Tutterow in an “All NCRC” final where Scruggs put down a stout 3.54@218.19 to Tuttrow’s tire spinning, aborted 4.39. That win is the 5th in Pro Extreme for Jason which propels him to a hard to beat #1 position in points with only one race left in the season.

Congratulations to Jason and the Team and to Todd Tutterow driving the Galot Motorsports entry for the Runner Up!!!

We also want to give a shout out to Randell Reid, the #1 Qualifier with a 3.54@213.00!!

Ricky Smith wins Pro Nitrous PDRA Rockingham!!

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Pro Nitrous

Tricky Ricky Smith lived up to his legendary race winning ways when he defeated Chris Rini in the final round of Pro Nitrous with a stout 3.77@198.96 over Rini’s 3.82@191.46. Smith, the 2 time reigning NHRA Pro Mod Champion continues to lead PDRA Pro Nitrous points.

Congratulations Ricky on your win and points lead!!!

We also want to give a shout out to the Ron Muenks / Jeff Pierce Race Car Tuning, Dave’s Claremore RV Team who ran a career best 3.772@200.74 at Rockingham!! Way to go guys!!! This team was also the quickest Nitrous car at Indy with a 5.87@242mph run, and that’s with a non-lockup NCRC Converter – this Team is making some headway!!

Melanie Salemi wins Pro Boost PDRA Rockingham!!

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Pro Boost

We would like to welcome Melanie Salemi to Team NCRC and congratulate her and Tuner husband Jon on her first PDRA Pro Boost Win! Salemi defeated Anthony Disomma in the final of Pro Boost with a 3.86@192.63 to Disomma’s 3.87@123.84. This was quite an accomplishment for Melanie, as it was only her second outing with the Teams new 68 Firebird!

Congratulations Melanie, John and Crew!!!

Jody Stroud wins Open Outlaw PDRA Rockingham!!

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Open Outlaw

Jody Stroud picked up his 2nd win in Open Outlaw during the 2015 season at Rockingham. He qualified #1 with a 3.65@198.06 and went on to mow through the 8 car field to defeat Robert Frigon with a 3.66@198.73 to Frigon’s 3.79@194.91!!

Way to Go Jody and the Zombie Team!!!