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We ran across this video today of customer Butch Kemp’s 1st round qualifier where he went a awesome 4.816@144 on the motor! That’s right, no power adders, just a powerful Small Block Ford built by Chris Uratchko Racing Engines. Make sure to crank up the volume to hear the engine sing!

This run was at Bradenton’s US Nationals in Ultra Street.

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Jason Scrugg wins X-Treme Pro Mod at Bradenton US Nationals

Photo Courtesy / BME Photography

X-Treme Pro Mod

If the 1st race of the season for these cars is any indication, PDRA Pro Extreme is going to be off the hook this year! At Bradenton’s US Nationals PDRA Champion Jason Scruggs and Frankie “The Madman” Taylor put on quite a show in the final round laying down some impressive ET’s. Scruggs went 3.546@218.18 with a .011 light to take the win, and Taylor went 3.558@213.01 with an .008 light to land him a close Runner Up position.

Congratulations to Jason Scruggs and the Team and to Frankie & Paul Taylor on the Runner Up!

Pro Nitrous

Jay Cox wins Pro Nitrous at Bradenton US Nationals

Photo Courtesy

Jay Cox started his team’s racing season off with a bang by capturing the win in Pro Nitrous at Bradenton. #1 qualifier Cox faced #3 qualifier Travis “The Carolina Kid” Harvey in the “All NCRC” final round that turned out to be a very close race. Harvey ran a 3.775@200.89 which wasn’t quite enough to reel in Cox who ran 3.763@198.67 to take the win.

Congratulations to Jay Cox and the Bryant Racing Team on the win and to Travis Harvey and Team on the runner up!!!

Chip King wins Outlaw Pro Mod at  Bradenton US Nationals

Photo Courtesy / BME Photography

Outlaw Pro Mod

Chip King put his Super Swoopy Dodge into the winners circle at Bradenton, it wasn’t pretty but it was a win. Both Chip and his competition Frank Cersosimo red lighted, but Chip got the win with his light being the better of the two. We’re not sure if Frank LB3A’d, or broke, but he received a foul and King went 3.866@195.01.

Congrat’s Chip and Team on your 1st Win of the Season!!!

Limited Drag Radial

Mustang Mike wins 1st Limted Drag Radial Event at Bradenton US Nationals

Photo Courtesy Mike Modeste

The US Nationals was the location for the first ever Limited Drag Radial Class, and we’re pleased to announce that Mustang Mike Modeste took home the win at this historic event. Mike defeated Scott Husted in the final with a 4.243@171.39 to Husted’s 4.411@175.57. That final round also was also Mike’s fastest pass resulting in Low ET for the event, and establishing a new class benchmark.

Congratulations Mike!!!

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James “Birdman” Finney and Gary Weatherly burned the midnight oil over the last few weeks getting their new Haas Firebird together for the Big Redemption 4.0 No Prep race at Texas Raceway. As anyone knows, a new car is always a big question on how it’s going to perform, let alone little Gremlins that like to pop up unexpectedly and at the wrong time. The guys must have done a good job, because they took the car all the way to the finals in Outlaw Class where they defeated Kyle Kelley in “The Shocker” for a big $15,000 payday!

Watch the video above, it looks like Birdman puts a 2 car GAP on Kyle by half track! The Birdman’s new Neal Chance equipped Bird flat out gets after it quick!!! The new car sure looks like it’s going to be breaking some hearts this year!

Congratulations James, co-owner Gary Weatherly, and the Crew of Howard Crabtree, Chad Rodgers, Nick Guettler and Travis Berger on your big win!!!

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Harvey wins Snowbirds Outlaw Pro Mod!

Photo Courtesy

Travis Harvey aka “The Carolina Kid” took the win in Outlaw Pro Mod over Chris Patrick with a 3.813@196.16 to Patrick’s off pace 4.188@134.32. Congratulations Travis & Team!!!

Travis Thomason WIns RTRA Season Final

Photo Courtesy

In the Open Outlaw class, Phil Esz recorded his second Snowbirds win in a Row!! Phil defeated Aryan Rochon with a 3.640@202.97 to Rochon’s 3.783@194.25 to take the win!

Congratulations Phil and the UltraSonic Team on your back to back Snowbirds Wins!!!