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Brett Deutsche Sets New 1/8 mile record

Photo Courtesy PSCA

Doug Sikora in his first race back after a four month healing period shows he’s better than ever. At the PSCA Finals in Fontana October 12th, Sikora qualifed #1 with a 4.248, broke his own MPH Record with a 181.45, ran FOUR 4.20’s in eliminations, won the Outlaw 10.5 class AND the 2015 Championship!! Now if that doesn’t make the team scream for joy nothing will!

Doug beat Chris Altson in the final with a 4.284@181.45 to Altson’s 4.425@171.14 with his new combo, a 499ci BAE boosted by a 136mm F3 ProCharger.

Congratulations to the Sikora Racing Team and Welcome Back Doug!!!

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Brett Deutsche Sets New 1/8 mile record

Brett Deutsche did it again with his NCRC equipped Duramax diesel truck, last weekend he set the 1/8 mile record for an NHRDA Pro Street class truck. He went 5.63@128 qualifying him #1 at Rudy’s Fall 2014 Race, a new personal best and the fastest 1/8th for a truck in his class. David made it to the 2nd round, but didn’t get staged good so his day got cut short. This team is making some big strides, watch out for them in 2015!

Congratulations Brett!

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Team NCRC had a awesome racing season in the PDRA with our customers winning championships in Pro Extreme, Pro Boost and Pro Nitrous. Those classes represent the QUICKEST and FASTEST doorslammers on the Planet bar none. The entire year NCRC Customers stayed out front by winning races, setting records and taking home the season championships!

We want to say THANK YOU to the Racers, Teams and Team Owners for choosing Neal Chance!!! We’re proud to help play a small part in your success. We also want to congratulate the PDRA on a successful first year!

Brandon Snider Pro Extreme Winner

Photo Courtesy Richards

Pro Extreme Winner

Brandon Snider was the big winner at the Virginia PDRA Finals in Pro Extreme! Team Snider was #1 qualifier and low ET with a 3.551 which was a new personal best, and he ran 3.50’s like a bracket car in eliminations. Brandon came out on top in the “All NCRC” finals against Jason Scruggs where he ran 3.586@211.26 to Scrugg’s off pace 3.612@215.93. Brandon ended up #2 in points for the year in his Joey Martin built Vette.

Congratulations Brandon, Team Snider and Drag965!!

Pro Extreme Champion

Bubba Stanton 2014 PDRA Pro Extreme Champion

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

Bubba Stanton won the PDRA Championship Points Battle this year! Stanton won Pro Exteme at Rockingham, Valdosta, and Tulsa this year – Congratulations Bubba and Henson Motorsports!

We also want to congratulate Badir Ahli on his Runner Up finish running Pro Extreme in the Rockingham make up race!

Pro Nitrous Winners & Champion

Jason Harris PDRA Pro Nitrous Champion

Photo Courtesy Richards

Jason Harris won his sixth Pro Nitrous race this year which yielded him the PDRA Championship!
Harris, the #5 qualifier, defeated Chris Rini in the final round 3.794@189.97 to Rini’s 3.803. Harris has certainly had an outstanding year, their team made it to the final at all eight PDRA races, and won six of them!

Congratulations Jason on your win and the PDRA Championship!

Tommy Franklin PDRA Pro Nitrous ET Record Holder

Photo Courtesy Richards

Tommy Franklin set new a new PDRA ET Record during the Make Up Race “All NCRC” final against Harris. Franklin ran a 3.737@198.82 to Harris’s
3.794@196.56. Franklin was also #1 qualifier ($500 bonus!) for the Virginia and got to the Semi’s. He ended up #2 in points for the season.

Congratulations Tommy and Team Franklin on your win and new PDRA Pro Nitrous ET Record!

We also want to congratulate Lizzy Musi for recording the top speed at the Richmond Makup of 201.40!

Pro Boost Winner

Anthony DiSomma/Desert Demons Racing PDRA Pro Boost Winner

Photo Courtesy Richards

In Pro Boost, Anthony DiSomma and the Desert Demons Racing Team owned by Saud Alzabin doubled up with wins for both the Richmond make up race and the Virginia Finals! While they were at it, they were #1 qualifier with a 3.855@208.20 and broke the PDRA MPH Record – Awesome racing weekend for sure.

DiSomma defeated Larry Higgenbotham in the Richmond final, and on Monday for the Virgina race, he defeated Todd Tutterow with a holeshot in an “All NCRC” final round. DiSomma ran a 3.824@207.46 to King Tut’s quicker 3.819@195.36. Check out the cool video from “The Racing Vids of Team DDR’s VMP race weekend!

Pro Boost Champion

Todd Tutterow PDRA 2014 Pro Boost Champion

Photo Courtesy Richards

We want to congratulate Todd “King Tut” Tutterow on the PDRA Pro Boost Points Championship! Todd finished just ahead of his Gallot Motorsports Team Mate Kevin Riverbark to take the 2014 title. The staff here at Neal Chance would also like to express our condolences to Todd and his family on the recent passing of his Mother, Sue Tutterow.

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Knowles Wins 1st Wally at St. Louis

You don’t typically hear the words “Diesel” and “Torque Converter” together hear at Neal Chance, but that’s going to be changing here soon!!

We’d like to introduce the New National Hot Rod Diesel Association Pro Street Record Holder, Brett Deutsche and his 1969 Duramax Powered C10 Chevy! Brett broke the Pro Street Record at the NHRDA World Finals running 8.81@158.19 using our brand new Turbo Diesel 12.5″ Steel/Billet Drive Lockup Converter specifically designed for Diesel Racing. The new converter helped him pick up from 9.20 to the new 8.81 record, have to say that was something the truck was looking for!

Brett’s using a Rossler TH400 Lockup Transmission, we do also have a model available to work with the Bruno Lockup Drive. So far the truck has been real easy on the special lockup clutches used, their 100% Kevlar lining keeps the massive torque of the big diesel at bay.

Danville Performance helps tune the truck, Wagler Competition did the port work on the cylinder heads and Bullseye Power Turbo’s build the boost for this big rig.

Congratulations on the new record Brett!!!