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Victor Jansson Quickest Nitrous Doorslammer in Europe

Photo Courtesy Victera Racing

Victor Jansson captured the title of Quickest Nitrous Top Doorslammer in Europe in June when he went a 3.87@191 with a .95 60′ !! The car was built by Precision Chassis back in 2005, so it’s not a flyweight by no means, but the NCRC Billet Aluminum Big Bore Converter helps a bit in the with the weight and performance as well!

Congratulations to Victor and Team Victera Racing on your new record breaking pass!!!

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Stoken 1st to the 3.60s and Wins PDRA Pro Nitrous

Photo Courtesy

Pat Stoken made some jaws drop during qualifying at the PDRA Summer Drags when he became the 1st to the 3.60’s during his third round of qualifying. Besides being the first to break that barrier, his 3.69@201.07 also was rewarded with a $5,000 bonus by Bryant Crane and Rigging which made it all that much sweeter!

Stoken went on to win Pro Nitrous over Stevie “Fast” Jackson in an “All NCRC” final round with a 3.75@199.03 when Jackson had to abort his pass when he got out of the groove.

Congratulations Pat and Team on both your win and your new Pro Nitrous Record!!!

Stoken 1st to the 3.60s and Wins PDRA Pro Nitrous

Photo Courtesy

In Pro Extreme Bader Ahli, the #4 qualifer defeated Mike Recchia winning his first PDRA Pro Extreme Race. Ahli ran a 3.62@210.77 for a clear win over Recchia who suffered transmission failure on the starting line.

Congratulations Bader and Team on your 1st win!!!

We would also like to congratulate Randell Reid on his #1 qualifer with a 3.51@214.39!

Jody Stroud won Pro Open Outlaw has NCRC billet alum NXS

Photo Courtesy

Jody Stroud of New Carlisle, Ohio qualified #1 in PDRA Pro Open Outlaw with a 3.66@198.50 and kept his foot in it during eliminations running a record breaking 3.61 in the semi’s! In the finals, Stroud defeated Eddie Lykins with a quick .009 light and ran 3.62@198.41 to Lykins who had to pedal and went 3.95@186.41.

Jody runs one of our all billet NXS converters in his Blown Hemi “Zombie” Dragster..

Congratulations Jody and Team on your win and new record!!

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Jamie Hancock Shadyside Shootout Winner

Photo Courtesy Hancock Racing

Team Hancock collected their first win this season at Shadyside’s Outlaw Radial Shootout #2 June 13th and collected a cool $10,000 for their efforts! The win wasn’t without drama however, besides dealing with hot track temperatures, an inner plenum nozzle breaking and a burnt up pinion bearing, their car performed awesome.

Hancock qualified #1 in the “315 vs 10.5″ class with a 4.08@186 resetting the track record in the process, then went on to eliminate his competition which included Chris Tuten in the semis where Hancock laid down a 4.02! In the final he drew “The” Kevin Mullins, who spun while Jamie marched down the track with a 4.04 blast!

Way to go Team Hancock on a good win, you’re off to a good start this season – we know that feels GREAT!!!

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Ozark Raceway Park’s Bash in the Backwoods featured four class wins by Neal Chance equipped Hot Rods on June 6th. It’s no surprise that the little track in SW Missouri, owned by the Chance Family has a high percentage of NCRC customers, and we love it when they clean house at our home track!

Jon Stouffer Wins Pro Mod at ORP Bash in the Backwoods

Photo Courtesy Bad Brad’s Speed Shots

In Pro Mod, Jon Stouffer defeated “I’ll never switch to a converter” Jim Weins in a 4.2208 to a 4.441 when Wein’s charge tube developed a crack bleeding off boost on his turbocharged Camaro. That problem made it much easier to Stouffer to get around him despite having to pedal the car a bit.

Congratulations to Jon and the Stouffer Communications Team and to Jim on his runner up!!

Brent Deputy Wins Pro Street at ORP Bash in the Backwoods

Photo Courtesy Ozark Raceway Park

In Pro Street, points leader Brent Deputy recorded another win to further distance himself from the pack. Deputy defeated Tim Slavens in the final when Slavens LBEA’d which allowed Deputy to coast down the track for the win. Brent also ran Low ET during eliminations with a 4.4582 in the 2nd round.

Congratulations Brent and Team on your win!!!

Showtime Don Erwin Wins True 10.5 at ORP Bash in the Backwoods

Photo Courtesy Ozark Raceway Park

“Showtime” Don Erwin took the win in True 10.5 over Mark Fields when Fields also LB3A’d in the final round. That win will bump Craig Ondrick out of the #2 points position and maybe challange Fields for the #1 points position after this second race in the Mickey Thompson Shootout Series at ORP.

Congratulations Don and Christine, Team Showtime to the front!!!

Showtime Don Erwin Wins True 10.5 at ORP Bash in the Backwoods

Photo Courtesy Ozark Raceway Park

In Drag Radial, John Heard (your’s truly) defeated Tony Phillips in the final round and reset the track ET record. Phillips and I both made big progress during eliminations as the track got better making for a close final round. In the final, the Neal Chance equipped Nova got there first with a 4.7804@150 over Phillips 4.8359@149 to take the win and break the previous track record.

And yes, it does feel weird posting about yourself! I’d like to thank my wife Chris for her hard work at this race and ORP for giving us a great track to race on! And yes, Marty forced me to write about myself :-)

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Jacky McCarty 4th x275 win in a Row at Holly Springs

Photo Courtesy McCarty Performance

Jacky McCarty from Bristol, Virginia recorded his 4th X275 win in a row this season at Holly Springs June 6th. He defeated Shannon Renfro in the final with a stout 4.6123@155.6, Renfrom spun at the hit ending his run early.

Congratulations to Jacky, Tuner’s Josh Lindsey, the Bruder Brothers and the McCarty Performance Team!! You guys are certainly on a roll!!!