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McCurdy runners up at MIR NEOPMA Door Wars

Photo Courtesy Bangshift/Benoit Pigeon

Pro Mod

We would like to congratulate Kevin McCurdy on his runner up at the NEOPMA event during Door Wars! Kevin, the #1 qualifier with a 5.860 ran a 6.207@238 in a pedel fest of a final against Mac McAdams, who took the win with a 6.121@201.

McCurdy is the NEOPMA record holder who ran a 5.817@245.15 in 2015 and runnered up in points last year as well. Good Luck this year Kevin and congrat’s on the R/U!

Mike Decker Jr Breaks Outlaw 10.5 World Record

Photo Courtesy Steve Reese

Outlaw 10.5

Congratulations to Mike Decker Jr and the Decker Salvage crew on the new Outlaw 10.5 Record!! Decker ran a 3.955@194.86 in the first round of qualifying with their Supercharged Camaro, breaking the National Record, then backed it up with a 3.957 blowing the rear window out in the process!

Way to go guys!


Congratulations to the Bruder Brothers, they runnered up at MIR against Ron Rhodes and broke the X275 World Record in the process. The final was another battle for traction with Rhodes coming up on top, 5.03 to Rich’s 9.30.

They ran a 4.379@161 during XXX, which means they own both ends, they nabbed the MPH record at Tulsa Raceway Park going 167.91 MPH!!!

Congratulations to Rich,Nick and Pop’s Bruder on the Record and R/U finish! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Denton!

Fast Lane Carey breaks MIR track Record in Ultra Street Jr Breaks

Photo Courtesy Black Rock Photography

Ultra Street

Good job to “Fast” Lane Carey, the #1 qualifier with a 4.83 in Ultra Street. Then he went on to run a 4.80. during 1st round of eliminations, unfortunately he spun in the 2nd round ending his day earlier. Those runs also broke the MIR Track record for Ultra Street! Pretty darn quick considering his BBF is naturally aspirated to boot! Congratulations Lane and Team!

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RIP Ronnie Davis

The crew here at Neal Chance Racing Converters offer our condolences to the Friends and Family of Ronnie Davis “The King”. Davis was critically injured at the Rockingham Race during a bad wreck. We are also praying for Drag Illustrated Journalist and Photographer Ian Toucher’s quick and full recovery from his injuries.

Pro Extreme Rockingham

Randell Reid Pro Extreme Winner PDRA Rockingham

Photo Courtesy Rick Belden/Drag Illustrated

Randall Reid captured his first PDRA Pro Extreme win of the season at Rockingham. He defeated Jason Scruggs in a “All NCRC” final with a .017 holeshot, 3.550@215.96 to Scruggs 3.501@222.66. That was quite a win, Scruggs had been as fast as 3.498 and was #1 qualifier at this event. The runner up position put Jason Scruggs in the #1 points position after this race.

Congratulations to Randell and Team on the win, and to Jason Scruggs and the Team on the #1 qualifer and Runner Up!!

Pro Extreme Tulsa Makeup

Brandon Snider Pro Extreme Winner PDRA Tulsa Makeup

Photo Courtesy

Due to bad weather at Tulsa, the final for Pro Extreme was ran at Rockingham and Brandon Snider came out on top over Jason Scruggs. Snider, who was Low ET at Tulsa with a blistering quick 3.486 pass ran a 3.559@218.87 to Scrugg’s aborted 4.771@115.59

Congratulations to Brandon and Team on the Tulsa makeup win, and to Jason Scruggs and the Team on the Runner Up!

Pro Nitrous Rockingham

Travis Harvey Pro Nitrous Winner PDRA Rockingham

Photo Courtesy

Travis “The Carolina Kid” Harvey made it back to the PDRA Pro Nitrous Winners circle again at Rockingham. Harvey defeated Jay Cox in the “All NCRC” final, a close race where Harvey went 3.751@201.73 and had to run down Cox, who went 3.763@200.26. As the runner up for the Tulsa makup race and winning the Rockingham race, that put Travis in the #1 points position going into PDRA’s 3rd race of the season

Congratulations Travis and Team and to Jay Cox on the R/U!!

We also want to congratulate “Mean Dean” Marinis on his #1 qualifier 3.73@202 pass at Rockingham, pretty impressive for the fifth pass on the new car!!!

Pro Nitrous Tulsa Makup

Tommy Franklin Pro Nitrous Winner PDRA Tulsa Makup

Photo Courtesy

Tommy Franklin was the Tulsa makeup race winner at Rockingham after resetting the Pro Nitrous Record at Tulsa with a 3.686 where he and Stevie Fast Jackson recorded the fastest ever side by side Nitrous pass. At the Rockingham Tulsa makeup, He defeated Travis Harvey with a 3.742@203.49 to Harvey’s aborted 4.586@122.97 pass to take the win!

Congratulations Tommy on win and Travis on the Runner Up!!

Pro Boost Clean Sweep

Kevin Rivenbark  Pro Boost Winner PDRA Rockingham

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated / Ian Tocher

Kevin Rivenbark not only qualified #1 at both Tulsa and Rockingham setting the Pro Boost Record, he collected BOTH the Tulsa makeup race AND the Rockingham event wins!!! A total clean sweep for the Galot Motorsports Team.

Kevin defeated Melanie Salemi in the Tulsa Makeup Race final by running a 3.761@200.02 over Salemi’s 3.846@192.85. In the Rockingham race final, he defeated Steven Whiteley with a 3.732@203.43 to Whiteley’s 3.789@199.82.

Congratulations to Kevin, Todd Tutterow and the entire Galot Motorsports Team on your Double Win!!!
Also congratulations to Melanie and Team on your Runner Up!!!

Top Sportsman

Dan Ferguson Top Sportsman Winner PDRA Rockingham

Photo Courtesy

Dan Ferguson got the win in Top Sportsman at Rockingham!! Dan defeated Scott Duggins in the final, 3.981 to Duggins 4.059 for the win!

Congratulations Dan, Dale Pittman, Mike Matheos, Jim Rowe, Marty Noir and Rick Fogle on your win!!!

Top Dragster

Cody Moore Top Dragster Winner PDRA Rockingham

Photo Courtesy

Congratulation to Cody Moore on his Top Dragster win at Rockingham!! Cody defeated Chaz Silance in the final with a 4.071@168.30 over Silance’s 4.129@172.19.

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Jarod Wenrick NMCA Atlanta Street Outlaw Winner

Photo Courtesy Jeff Michael

Jarod Wenrick captured his 2nd NMCA Street Outlaw win of the season at the NMCA/NMRA All-Star Nationals April 10th! Wenrick qualified #1 with a 4.456@162.39 and ran a 4.819@151.56 in the final over Ronnie Diaz who was way off pace.

Congratulations to Jarod, Jason Lee (PTP) and the Wenrick Motorsports Team on the win!

We also want to give a shout out to Manny Buginga who had his new car out at this race. Manny ran a 4.43 in eliminations against Phil Hines, but lost due to a hole shot. That’s impressive for a new car and only 4 passes on it. Way to go guys!

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Photo Courtesy James Lawrence

James Lawrence hit one out of the park at the first NMCA West race of the year, the Spring Nationals at Fontana.

Lawrence qualified #1 with a 4.592@162.74 in his Procharged Camaro “BlownZ”, then went on to win the event and setting the class record in the process. He defeated Roger Rydell in the final with a 4.533@148.84 to Rydell’s 4.679@155.08 to take the win, and set the Limited Street Class Record!

Congratulations James and The Dragzine Team on your awesome 1st race of the season!

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Travis Thomason Wins Limited 275 at Tulsas Radial Revenge

Photo Courtesy Tulsa Raceway Park

Limited 275

Travis “Quazzy” Thomason captured the win in Limited 275 at Tulsa’s Radial Revenge Tour April 2nd. He defeated Daniel Large in the final when Large got a bit too anxious on the tree. Thomason went 4.994@141.98 to Large’s 4.805@147.49. Travis’s Mustang was a bit off pace in eliminations ET wise, but he did his job as a driver! Travis got a hole shot win in Round #1, another hole shot win in Round #2 and a sweet .015 light in the final.

Congratulations Travis, Barry, Myra and Abner on the win!

Brad Medlock MX235 Winner at Tulsas Radial Revenge

Photo Courtesy Tulsa Raceway Park


In MX235 Brad Medlock continued his strong performance following the race at Memphis, Brad not only defeated an off pace Kendal Goin in the final, he reset the MX235 record on the pass. Medlock ran 4.705@154.60 to take the win, and the record!!!

Congratulations Brad and Team!!!

Chris Groves #1 X275 Qualifer at Tulsas Radial Revenge

Photo Courtesy Tulsa Raceway Park


We want to congratulate Chris Groves and the DynoEdge Racing Team on their #1 qualifier In X275, and Low ET of the race! Chris went 4.39@164, easily the strongest pass in qualifying. He was on a run to the finals but got nailed by the right lane red light, like three others in a row did in eliminations, ending his night way too early.

Must have been some bad moo joo in that lane at the time or something. You can bet he’ll be back, with a fast hot rod like that the DynoEdge team will be tearing at the bit to get out again!

Bob Bales Wins 2nd Chance X275 at Tulsas Radial Revenge

Photo Courtesy Tulsa Raceway Park

2nd Chance X275

Bob “Fire Pipes” Bales had a bit of a problem during the main X275 race, but he came back around and had a strong win in the 2nd chance race. Bob defeated Cecil Whitaker in the final when Cecil’s car had issues starting and couldn’t get running in time before the track sent Bales down the track. Bales went a strong 4.534@155.63 to take the win!!

Congratulations Bob, Kelly and Team on your Win!