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Bruder Brothers Sweet 16 winners, reset X275 Record

Photo Courtesy Dragzine/Dwayne Culpepper

The Bruder Brothers not only survived the huge number of qualifiers at this race, but they also set the mark very high in qualifying at what is now the quickest field ever in X275 and took home the BIG $50,000 paycheck in X275! The final round found the Bruders up against Craig Walls, also a Neal Chance Equipped Mustang who had been making impressive passes himself. Craig cut a GREAT .011 light on Rich but his 4.358@162.27 just wasn’t enough to reel in Bruders record smashing 4.235@165.78 for the win. That’s not a bad weekend, runner up at Sweet 16 says a great deal itself!

Bruders stunning incrementals were …

– 1.027
– 2.778
– 4.235@165.78

Also in X275, Mean Dean Marinis behind the wheel of the Ducky Johnson Team’s Mustang was the only Nitrous equipped car to make the field and he reset the X275 Nitrous record in the process with a 4.279@166.50! Equipped with a Neal Chance Lockup Converter inside a Proformance Racing TH400 Transmission, it was the only car that could run in the 20’s along with the boosted entries in X275.

We also want to give a shout out to Clint Downs who ran a new personal best of 4.339@167.07 at this race in his ProCharged Nova. That’s certainly impressive for an entirely home built, personally tuned machine. You can bet that sinister Black Nova is going twentys very soon – Way to go Clint!!!

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Marcus Birt RVW Nitrous Record Holder

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated

Marcus Birt broke many hearts last weekend at Duck’s Sweet 16 race, he did what they say “can’t be done”, by taking a knife to a gunfight. His work resulted in a record smashing 3.60@204.76 blast “oh so close” to the 50’s, so close you can bet it’s coming soon. Tuned by Stevie Fast Jackson, Birt’s Nitrous Injected Pat Musi Engine Corvette qualified #3 in what is now a boost saturated field was extremely impressive. This was even more impressive as he didn’t qualify at LOX, so the team has made huge strides at this last race, that’s not easy to make that sort of improvement…

Congratulations Marcus and Stevie Jackson on such an impressive performance and the new Nitrous RVW Record!

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King Tut Wins Gaternationals, Jackson Breaks Pro Mod Record & R/U!!!

Photo Courtesy Drag Illustrated / Courtney Enders-Lambert

Stevie “Fast” Jackson and Billy Stocklin went to the 2019 Gatornationals with the Teams Pro Mod on KILL, they certainly struggled a bit in qualifying but the track came around and so did their setup resulting in breaking the NHRA Pro Mod Record and the #1 qualifier during Q3, incrementals were –

3.730 @ 201.07
5.665 @ 253.99

However they weren’t the only one’s with intentions of kicking butt… Todd Tutterow AKA King Tut also had plans on smacking the competition around, he had ran a 5.66 back in October of last year, so he had a game plan for taking out Jackson too!

During the semi-final round of eliminations Stevie Fast reset the record again with a 5.653@254.14 bye run when Jeremy Ray couldn’t fire on the starting line. Tutterow ran a 5.665 tieing Jackson’s previous record when he defeated Caruso, this set things up for a awesome final round!

In the final round, it was King Tut with a holeshot win over Stevie Fast, Jackson went 5.643 on another record breaking pass, but it wasn’t enough for the starting line advantage Tutterow had coupled with his 5.662 to take the win – what a race!

Congratulations to Todd Tutterow & Team on your kick ass .008 light for the win and stellar passes. Congratulations also to Stevie Jackson and Team on the new NHRA Pro Mod Record and Runner Up!

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Since it’s PRI this week, we wanted everyone who couldn’t make it have a chance to see some of our newest products and technologies we are show casing. 2019 is going to be an exciting race season, so keep an eye out for these products and be one of the first to have the newest winning tech in your car!

PRI 2018 Booth

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Come see us at booth #2733 at the 2018 PRI Show!
We’ll have James Goad aka The Reaper in the booth Friday morning at 9 am which will be sure to be an interesting time!