8 inch Billet Lockup Converter

Neal Chance Racing Converters

— Home of the Worlds Fastest Automatic Doorslammers

Anywhere racers can use a torque converter you’ll find a Neal Chance Converter Customer winning rounds, setting records and taking home championships.

In our quest to beat clutch cars to the stripe in all forms of racing, we’ve developed new technology in the field such as the First Bolt Together Torque Converter, the First Billet / Steel Converter, the First All Billet Aluminum Torque Converter, the First All Billet Lock Up Torque Converter and just recently, the First “Limited Slip” All Billet Torque Converter and all new Flying Window Stator Technology.

This winning technology advantage is why we say “If you don’t have a Chance, you don’t stand a Chance”. From Pro Classes to Saturday Night Grudge Racing, those that demand the absolute lowest ETs turn to Neal Chance for the winning edge.