A video can sometimes be a lot easier to understand than an instruction page, so we’ve put together a number of tech videos on popular topics our customers often want to learn more about. Stay tuned, we’ll keep adding more videos to this page so Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, or like us on Facebook to be alerted when we add a new video!


[youtube id=”0MJFceb9NHU”]

Stevie “Fast” Jackson shows how to maintain a Neal Chance Lockup Converter.


[youtube id=”B3WxZCJmlPw”]

Marty explains clutch drag and clutch pack adjustments on the Neal Chance Lockup Converter.



[youtube id=”7VYJ2Ngziz8″]

How to Tune a Racing Torque Converter



[youtube id=”K9kSakOVRaw”]

How to Service Torque Converter Mechanical Diodes

Neal Chance Racing Converters utilizes both 5 strut regular mechanical diodes and 10 strut monster diodes, watch this video to learn how the diode is assembled. We also recommend reading and printing out our Assembly Instructions when servicing your bolt-together converter.



[youtube id=”vp_tHMkOjB8″]

How does a Torque Converter Stator Work?

Learn how a torque converter stator works by multiplying torque and how it affects converter stall speed and overall efficiency. Neal Chance Racing Converters makes Stators in many different fin angles and different materials for specific applications.




[youtube id=”3UBKLAHqgvE”]

How to Change and Inspect Converter Stators

When changing a stator in a bolt together converter, learn the correct order of components and how to inspect for wear and damage.



[youtube id=”voHPn6QaUtk”]

The XL Stator Cap Option

Neal Chance Racing Converters offers a XL stator cap for extreme duty applications. These XL caps install from the pump side, which is different than regular stator caps. Learn how to identify and assemble this heavy duty components.