NXS Billet Racing Torque Converters

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Harness the full power of your supercharged animal!

The NXS Full Billet Racing Converter is the result of over 30 months of converter research and development which has yielded the most significant gains for blower cars in recent history. The NXS features the best of both worlds, it is looser at the hit and tighter after the engine speed comes up. This puts the power to the ground at the launch smoother than any converter or clutch ever has before, and still drive the tire harder at the top of each gear.

This is the converter that has been laying down 60′ times in the .80’s for not one, but multiple PDRA Pro Extreme class cars and holds ALL of the current doorslammer records for supercharged cars. If your car has a Roots or Screw, it’ll likely be faster with the NSX Billet Aluminum Converter. We’ve also have record setting versions out for X275 class cars with Blower and Nitrous Combinations.

What sets the NXS apart from other converter designs is the first of it’s kind split-blade pump impeller. That means there are 35% fewer blades on the low pressure side and 35% more blades on the high pressure side. This gives you more slippage down low to get engine speed up, which makes the motor happy then it brings the driveshaft RPM to the engine RPM downtrack.

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  • 5 Axis CNC Machined Body and Fins
  • NCRC Extreme Duty Monster Mechanical Diode
  • Stators available in Fabricated Steel, CNC Billet Steel or CNC Billet Aluminum
  • Custom 5 Axis CNC Machined Fins increase efficiency.
  • Heavy Duty Thrust Bearings
  • Hardened Pump Hub
  • Internally and Externally Balanced
  • Optional CNC Machined Billet Titanium Drive Cover

The full billet design of the NXS converter has many benefits, for starters it’s approximately 12 to 20 lbs lighter than other bolt together converters, and it’s 6 lbs lighter than our aluminum/steel bolt together models. That’s a LOT of rotating weight, and it’s right where it matters hanging off the end of the crankshaft! It also features fully CNC machined fins for outstanding repeatability and consistent fin profiles.