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Ron Muenks MWDRS 2020 Pro Mod Champion!!

MWDRS - Ron Muenks 2020 Pro Mod Champion

When you see Ron Muenks do his Big Smokey burnout and backup 90 to nothing, you KNOW he’s pumped up and just plain itching to take out his competition in the other lane! Dave Pierce pushes him over the edge with adrenalin when Dave gives him the triple fist pump in his window when putting […]

Camp & John Stanley Racing “Never Say Die”

Camp and John Stanley

This is a great story on the Stanley & Weiss Racing team’s history, Camp has certainly lead a colorful and fun racing career. We’re proud to be a part of their racing program. “Drag racing is inherently punk rock. There’s something rebellious about strapping oneself to a machine making several thousand horsepower and flying down […]