In order to most accurately match your new or modified torque converter to your application, we often request that you share relevant run information in the form of data logs with us during our discussion. This is to accurately match your converter configuration as closely as possible to the changes we’re attempting to make for improved performance.

The preferred method for us to share this information is to remotely view your computer which has your run information loaded using Screen Sharing service like Team Viewer. You will need to have an active Internet Connection available, plus your data logging software and your run data available at the time of our consultation to use this method.This is a safe and secure option that is quite easy for both of us to use without having to send files in.

Should the screen sharing method not be feasible, you can alternatively send your data logs in via email for us to review. You can email the files to as file attachments and be sure to note your Name, the numbers stamped on your converter and the phone number you can be reached at.

Please also note if you’re sending RacePak Logs to us, we also need the product number (like V300), your product serial number and your unlock code in order to view the files. If you’re sending in RPM Performance data logs, no additional information is required. For other data loggers, the screen sharing solution is likely best for us to use.