Camp & John Stanley Racing “Never Say Die”

Camp and John Stanley

This is a great story on the Stanley & Weiss Racing team’s history, Camp has certainly lead a colorful and fun racing career. We’re proud to be a part of their racing program.

“Drag racing is inherently punk rock. There’s something rebellious about strapping oneself to a machine making several thousand horsepower and flying down a strip of concrete with the only concern being how quick the car can go. Nothing matters except beating the guy in the other lane, being the first to the stripe, the first to the record books. Conventional thinking says it is dangerous; performance thinking says it’s as critical to life as breathing. Arthur Camp Stanley III, known simply as “Camp,” embodies the badassery of drag racing and has been a loud, proud pioneer of the sport.

Camp’s life reads like a roadmap for success, although the legendary racer/tuner/philosopher is quite humble about his achievements. He helped shape the door slammer drag racing scene into what it is today, and is continuing to help the sport grow and evolve with his current Pro Mod operation…”

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