Laughlin Runners Up at No Mercy 9 Radial Vs. World

Alex Laughlin  No Mercy 9 Radial vs. The World Runner Up

Photo Courtesy Alex Laughlin

Big congratulations to Alex Laughlin on his Runner Up at No Mercy 9!

Alex Laughlin and Frankie the Mad Man Taylor gave em’ hell and got all the way to the finals at No Mercy 9. All eyes were on the Blue Vette after laying down a 3.79@199 during the first round and Team Laughlin didn’t disappoint. After a last minute lifter thrash and the threat of rain contributed to the excitement leading to the final, in the end it was a good close race against Naiser who went 3.79 to Alex’s 3.80.

Way to go Alex, Frankie and Team on your Runner Up!