Memphis Magic – Downs Wins, Marinis Runners Up & Bruders Smash Record!!!

Clint Downs wins X275 at Memphis

Photo Courtesy Dragzine

Clint Downs, fresh off his 2016 RTRA Championship, is out cracking backs again this season!!! Behind the wheel of his trusty Black F1X Pro-Charged Nova that he’s raced for many years, he was able to take out a quicker “Mean Dean” Marinis in the final round of X275 when Marinis stood up and had to pedal. Clint both cut the tree down and ran a new personal best 4.42@161 mph to take the win. As those that he’s beat can tell you, Clint is one of those guys you REALLY don’t want to meet up with in eliminations (ask Jamie Stanton!) , while his car isn’t a record holder, it is very fast and when you combine that with both consistency and the ability to flat kill the tree, he’s one of the toughest competitors there is to get around in X275. Clint’s Nova is equipped with our NXS Billet Bolt Together Converter and Marinis uses our New Lock Up Billet converter.

Congratulations to Clint and Austin on the great big $10,000 win and to Dean Marinis on the R/U.

Speaking of Dean, he is now currently leading the X275 Series Championship with both a win and a R/U at the first two races, he has a solid lead and will certainly be tough to dislodge from that spot this year!

Bruder Brothers New World Record!

Photo Courtesy Dragzine

Of course we also have to talk about the Bruder Brothers… Everyone’s fears were realized when the Bruders clearly got a handle on the new blower combination and proceeded to SMASH THE X275 WORLD RECORD during qualifying with a 4.363@154.46. Rich went out in the first round with a red light – we hate it when that happens GRRR… But at least they figured out the new combination, and oh baby, it’s QUICK!!! Congratulations Rich, Nick & Pops on the new record!!! This season is going to be exciting!!!

Last but not least, we also want to congratulate Jimmy & Jim Plimpton on setting a new Personal Best of 4.48@158.42, we all know how hard it is to break through those barriers and get to the next ET level, it was great to see them get the Fearmont into the 40’s!!!