Ron Muenks MWDRS 2020 Pro Mod Champion!!

MWDRS - Ron Muenks 2020 Pro Mod Champion

When you see Ron Muenks do his Big Smokey burnout and backup 90 to nothing, you KNOW he’s pumped up and just plain itching to take out his competition in the other lane! Dave Pierce pushes him over the edge with adrenalin when Dave gives him the triple fist pump in his window when putting him in the beams – you can’t help but think “This is gonna be a good one…”, and it has been all season long.

While Dave’s Claremore RV Purple Gorilla may have lost some of it’s trademark flames from it’s bullhorns which disappeared this year, the Reher-Morrison powered engine tuned by Jeff Pierce picked up the pace seriously this season winning every race they entered in the Mid-West Drag Racing Series! Not only that, Jeff put the car in the top 5 qualifiers every race, no easy feat for sure.

Big Congratulations to Ron, Dave, Jeff, Alan and Ryan on your Teams spectacular Racing Season!

Photo Courtesy MWDRS