Multiple NCRC Winners and Records at ADRL Dragstock X

The American Drag Racing League rolled into Rockingham, North Carolina September 6th for DragStock X, ADRL’s next to the last race on their 2013 Schedule. This event included the Battle of the Belts with BIG payouts for the winners, and we’re glad to see some of our customers got to take home that money!

Battle of the Belts Pro Extreme Winner – Von Smith

$50k Battle of the Belts Winner Von Smith

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Von Smith edged out Tommy D’Aprile in an “All NCRC” final for the $50,000 Battle of the Belts win. Smith killed the tree with a .003 reaction and ran a 3.616@212.56 to D’Aprile’s quicker 3.596@211.93 for a hole shot win! It wasn’t a bad day even for Runner up D’Aprile as he picked up a $15,000 runner up check for his efforts!

Congrats to Von Smith, Howard Moon and all the crew on your first ADRL championship! We also want to congratulate Tommy D’Aprile on his runner up finish and first ever 3.59 pass!

Hossler Resets Pro Extreme Record

During the second qualifying round in Pro Extreme, Alex Hossler went 3.574@212.90, then turned around and ran a 3.565@211.76 which backed up his 1st pass for a new ADRL Pro Exteme Record! Also during qualifying Frankie Taylor laid down a 3.575@211.46, and Brandon Snider got his first run in the 50’s, he went 3.591@210.01 for the 3rd qualifying position. THREE NCRC Equipped cars in the 3.50’s oh yeah!!!

Brandon Snider Pro Extreme Winner

Brandon Snider ADRL Dragstock X Pro Extreme Winner

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Brandon Snider took home a BIG win in Pro Exteme where he beat Alex Hossler in a All NCRC Final. Snider in his JMRC built Corvette went down the track to a 3.624@207.21 to Hosslers 3.756@201.43.

Brandon also became the latest member in the 50’s club at this race when he put down a new personal best of 3.591@210!!!

Way to Go Brandon and Team!!!

Outlaw 10.5

Mike Decker Outlaw 10.5 Winner

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ADRL tested out running an Outlaw 10.5 class at Rockingham, and Mike Decker stood up and took the bait with outstanding results.

Decker qualified #3 with a 4.304@183.79 then went on to defeat Robert Abbot in the final, Decker ran a lifting 4.503@149.12 when Abbot broke handing him the win. That’s two back to back wins for Decker, he recently won the race at Cecil County also!

Congratulations Mike and the Decker Salvage Team!!!

We also want to give a shout out to Richard Sexton who was driving Gil Mobley’s GTO – Richard ran a 4.198@186.02 for the #1 qualifying position.