Neal Chance Adds New Hub Dyno

Dynacom Hub 7299

Breaking News…… Neal Chance Racing Converters made a new purchase, setting an example of how they stay several steps ahead of the competition!

NCRC’s R&D has been done at the track in various race cars including their own over the many years which accounted for success, and enabled NCRC to be first to the market in many categories, and to create new, better and faster converters! However, Neal Chance Racing Converters has also been working with several engine builders and tuners utilizing the Dyno Hub dyno in the off season and during the season as well, which has new exciting products ready to be introduced and put into production! These new products have now been patented to keep others whom thought “R&D” stood for “rob & duplicate” from copying!

Last week Neal Chance Racing invested over $100,000.00 for their own Dynacom Hub 7200 Series dyno which will allow them to develop and tweak their new technologies (two of which are not public yet but have already proven to be another step ahead of their already fast Lock Up Series) for advantages they’ve been realizing for several years but now within their own facility!

This new dyno will read time based data just like your race pak does and will hold over 14,000 foot pounds of torque, and any Pro Mod style motor built! Research and development just took another leap forward at Neal Chance Racing Converters…….. Don’t YOU Deserve a Chance?