Birt Breaks Nitrous RVW Record!!

Marcus Birt

Marcus Birt broke many hearts last weekend at Duck’s Sweet 16 race, he did what they say “can’t be done”, by taking a knife to a gunfight. His work resulted in a record smashing 3.60@204.76 blast “oh so close” to the 50’s, so close you can bet it’s coming soon. Tuned by Stevie Fast Jackson, Birt’s Nitrous Injected Pat Musi Engine Corvette qualified #3 in what is now a boost saturated field was extremely impressive. This was even more impressive as he didn’t qualify at LOX, so the team has made huge strides at this last race, that’s not easy to make that sort of improvement…

Congratulations Marcus and Stevie Jackson on such an impressive performance and the new Nitrous RVW Record!