Bruder Brothers Win $50k at Sweet 16, Reset X275 Record!!

Bruder Brothers Win X275 at Sweet 16 2019

The Bruder Brothers not only survived the huge number of qualifiers at this race, but they also set the mark very high in qualifying at what is now the quickest field ever in X275 and took home the BIG $50,000 paycheck in X275! The final round found the Bruders up against Craig Walls, also a Neal Chance Equipped Mustang who had been making impressive passes himself. Craig cut a GREAT .011 light on Rich but his 4.358@162.27 just wasn’t enough to reel in Bruders record smashing 4.235@165.78 for the win. That’s not a bad weekend, runner up at Sweet 16 says a great deal itself!

Bruders stunning incrementals were …

– 1.027
– 2.778
– 4.235@165.78

Also in X275, Mean Dean Marinis behind the wheel of the Ducky Johnson Team’s Mustang was the only Nitrous equipped car to make the field and he reset the X275 Nitrous record in the process with a 4.279@166.50! Equipped with a Neal Chance Lockup Converter inside a Proformance Racing TH400 Transmission, it was the only car that could run in the 20’s along with the boosted entries in X275.

We also want to give a shout out to Clint Downs who ran a new personal best of 4.339@167.07 at this race in his ProCharged Nova. That’s certainly impressive for an entirely home built, personally tuned machine. You can bet that sinister Black Nova is going twentys very soon – Way to go Clint!!!