Bruder Brothers Reset X275 Record & Win Cecil County!!!

Bruder Brothers Reset X275 Record at Cecil!!!

Photo Courtesy George Watters/Zlumlord

We really didn’t expect to see the X275 record improved upon by anyone in AUGUST, but the Bruder Brothers did just that last weekend at the Cecil County Outlaw Street Car Shootout! In the third round of qualifying, Rich Bruder put down a stunning 4.350@164.37 pass eclipsing the Brothers own previous record of 4.364 recorded in March this year.

To add a few slices of Bacon to make the day even better, Rich and Nick defeated Ron Rhodes in the final, 4.444@158.02 to Rhode’s wheelstanding 4.975 to take the win!

Congratulations to Rich, Nick and Pop’s on your new X275 World Record and the win!!!

Check out the YouTube Video by George Watters