DeMayo 5 Time SCSN Hot Street Champion!

Mike DeMayo Wins SCSN Hot Street!

Photo Courtesy DragZine

Mike DeMayo and Team Powerhead won the Street Car Super Nationals for the 5th year in a row!

It wasn’t without some tough competition, like from Tony Aneian the #1 qualifier who had ran a 8.07 prior to the “All NCRC” semifinal, that set the stage for a close race. DeMayo cut the tree down and ran a 8.09@166 to Aneian’s 8.11@167.20.

In the final DeMayo face Vic Brum who had got a bye to the finals. In a repeat performance of the 2012 SCSN final, DeMayo came out on top once again running the quickest pass in Hot Street all weekend, he laid down an 8.082@166.07 to Brum’s off pace 9.743@112.11 to take home the win!

Team Powerhead has made great strides in the last year, their best ET at the 2012 SCSN Race was a 8.193, that’s over a tenth improvement in the 2013 season, that’s big on a N/A car…

Congratulations Mike and Team Powerhead on your 5th in a Row SCSN Championship!