DeMayo Breaks NMCA N/A ET & Speed Records

Mike DeMayo Sets new ET & MPH Record!

Photo Courtesy DeMayo Racing

Mike DeMayo from Butler, PA broke the NMCA N/A 10.5 ET & Speed Records October 27th at Famoso Raceway during the NMCA West World Street Finals.

Mike put down a 7.972@168.53 pass, going 1.148 60′, 3.278 to the 330 and 5.075@135.96 to the 1/8th. That’s the ONLY Naturally Aspirated 10.5 Class car to run in the 7’s this year.

Mike defeated Tony Aneian in the “All NCRC” final running a .030 8.008@168.85 to Aneian’s off pace .147, 8.398@132.02.

Congratulations Mike and the DeMayo Racing Team on your new record and race win, and to Tony on the runner up!