Mean Dean New X275 World Record 4.522!

[youtube id=”-wStQSZnq7o” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

Mean Dean Marinis Does it AGAIN!

It’s a Rocket Ship for sure, 1st Pass off the trailer at MIR.

  • 1.097
  • 2.969
  • 4.522@158.07

Post Race Update

Dean’s been using our new Prototype X275 Converter now for the last two times out with the car. The new design is no longer a prototype, it’s the future in X275!

After his record breaking pass Marinis laid down a 1.075, a 1.08 and a 1.09 60′ before the track went away, so YES there’s more coming soon. There is a race at Cecil next weekend, so we’re all patiently awaiting the results from the next time out…

Congratulations Dean!!