Mean Dean Back to Back Wins @ 1st Ever NHRA & Cecil

Dean Marinis Scores Back to Back wins - NHRAs 1st X275 Race and Cecil Countys Street Car Shootout!

Photo Courtesy Innovative Racecraft

“Mean Dean” Marinis lived up to his nickname once again, he recorded the 1st ever NHRA X275 Class win and broke the track record with a 4.46@164.03 in the final against Robert Baptista – and oh boy does that car have more in it, that was a 1.15 60′! Feeling a bit lucky, He then traveled from New England Dragway to race at Cecil County’s Street Car Shootout and won that one too! Dean defeated “Mr. Muscle” Darrell Varner with a scorching 4.45 to Varner’s off pace 5.37.

Congratulations Dean and Crew on a AWESOME weekend!!!!