Jones, Cox & Miller PDRA North-South Shootout Winners!!

Wesley Jones Wins Pro Extreme at PDRA North-South

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Wesley Jones captured his 1st ever PDRA Pro Extreme win on a holeshot, now that will make you feel pretty darn good on the long haul home! Jones defeated Terry Leggett in the “All NCRC” final round with a great light and a 3.601@212.46 to Leggett’s quicker 3.551@217.25.

Congratulations Wesley on your 1st PDRA Pro Extreme Win and to Terry Leggett on the Runner Up!!!

Jay Cox Wins Pro Nitrous at PDRA North-South

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In Pro Nitrous, bad to the bone Jay Cox proved he was the man to beat when he went 3.68@201 in qualifying, then kept blasting down 3.60 passes through eliminations which took him to the “All NCRC” final versus Tommy Franklin. Franklin went a 3.691@202.42 but it wasn’t quite enough to hold off Cox who went 3.681@200.86 to take the win!

Congrat’s to Jay and the Clements Mechanical Team on the win and to Tommy Franklin on the Runner Up!!

Tylor Miller Wins Pro Boost at PDRA North-South

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Tylor Miller had a great race day, starting off with his #1 qualifying performance, he kept up the pace defeating Ty Tutterow in a classic “All NCRC” final. Tutterow got a bit antsy and red lit, while Miller trucked straight on down the track with a new personal best of 3.70@197.91, Tuttrow also laid down a great pass with a 3.702@200.41.

Congratulations to Tylor and the PeeDee Fleet Team on the win, and to Ty Tutterow and the GALOT Team on the Runner Up!!!