New NXS Tames F3 Beast

It’s been quite clear over the last year the impact the new Neal Chance NXS Converter has had on the Screw and Roots Blown cars in classes from Top Alcohol Funny Car, Pro Extreme and Pro Mod. Even Drag Radial Nitrous Cars using the NXS have been setting World Records. Some have asked, what about Centrifugal Blower Cars? Will it work for those setups as well?

In one word – YES!

Case in point is Kurt Riffel’s F3 BBC Powered Chevelle. Kurt’s car had been extremely violent at the hit with his old converter setup with a best 60′ ever of 1.121. He switched over to the All Billet NXS Converter and immediately saw a dramatic difference in how the car strikes the tires as show in the before and after videos below. With the New NXS Converter on a green track, the first hit the car went 1.155 with NO changes in the car setup. After a few tweaks to launch RPM and putting more timing back in, 3 passes later it was running 1.099. Now that’s some good progress in anyone’s book!

[youtube id=”_u7-xHSJjrg” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

We think these two videos are a very good example of how much SMOOTHER the NXS is as it rolls over and starts to lockup, this is very helpful with big power, not to mention when you’re racing on hot and greasy tracks. We’re going to feature some more video of these dramatic changes the NXS brings!