Pearson Outlaw 275 vs 28 Winner at No Mercy IV!!

David Pearson #1 qualifier and Outlaw 275 Winner at No Mercy IV

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David Pearson from Marion, North Carolina took home a big win at the No Mercy IV race at SGMP September 29th. David was running in Outlaw 275 vs 28 10.5 with his ProCharged SBF where he qualified #1 with a stunning 4.42@174.28.

Pearson kept the heat on through eliminations defeating Artis Houston in Round 2, Steven Fereday in Round 3, and Sean Ashe in Round 4. David drew Phil Hines in the final where he laid down another blistering 4.429@167.66 pass, easily defeating Hines who had problems running a way off pace 10.23.

Congratulations David, Tracy, Mustang Mike and the rest of the Team on your Big Win!!!