New Records for Manson & Diaz at World Cup Finals

[youtube id=”3KYoxVAXsHA” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

Video by Steven Auglis

NCRC Customers Andy Manson and Ronnie Diaz both laid down new record breaking passes at the 18th Annual World Cup Finals Import vs. Domestic Race at MIR recently. They were both running the X275 vs Hot Rod class, and both laid down very impressive passes at this race! Chris Acors from Doswell, Virginia helped both of these cars to nab both ends of the records – a good guy to have in your corner…

Andy Manson’s Vortech XI equipped Mustang went a 1.14 60′, 3.03 to the 330′, 4.59 to the 1/8th and a blistering 7.09@193.48 in the quarter! We think that’s the quickest pass ever on the XI blower in 275!

In the third round of eliminations, Andy faced off against Ronnie Diaz for an “All NCRC” battle. Andy knocked the tires off on this one and Ronnie went on to lay down a new MPH Record – 7.13@198 MPH!!! Ronnie’s car died in the semi’s ending his day early, but both him and Andy recorded some outstanding runs at the World Cup!

Congratulations to both teams on your new Records!!!