Pro Mod Racing in Russia??? Flamholc Breaks Record!!!!

Flamholc Breaks Russian Pro Mod Record!

Photo Courtesy Dragtimes

Nobody will ever say Adam Flamholc is afraid to try something different! Especially after Dragtimes talked him into running his Pro Mod in the Russian Drag Racing Championship this year! You can imagine how much fun it is to figure out the logistics of shipping a car and your equipment there, let alone the unknown situation of the track they were to be racing on.

Adam and Team pulled if off though.. On their second pass at the track in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia he recorded a new Russian Record, qualified #1 and won the event with a 6.548@362.9kmh(225 mph)!!! Adam said their biggest problem was the really short, unprepped shutdown which was only about 1/4 mile (400m) long!

The team’s next event will be 4 hours from Moscow in early August and promises to include a number of Pro Mods racing!

Congratulations Adam and Team on your new Russian Record and Siberia race win!!!