Radial Vs World Record Blown Away by Bad9er Team!!!

[youtube id=”Bwol515K194″]

Video Courtesy TheRacingVids

Stellar track conditions and great air both came together at the same time during Tulsa Raceway Park’s Radial Revenge Race and it put big smiles on many a crew chief. During qualifying and eliminations the RVW cars chipped away at the record, passing it between multiple teams as the evening progressed, but when the smoke cleared, the Bad9er Team laid down the quickest ever pass on a radial tire.

The record was set during round two when Kyle Huettel driving Mickalak’s Bad9er Vette faced Shawn Ayers driving the Cox Racing team Mustang. Huttel laid down a jaw dropping 3.812@198.47 to Shawn’s 3.860@206.83, but Ayers was quicker on the tree to take the win for the quickest ever side by side radial race. It was an awesome, close race, and no doubt everyone was on the edge of their seats!

Congratulations to the Kyle Huettel, Jason Mickalak, Billy Stocklin, Mick Snyder and the rest of the Bad9er Team on the New World Record!