Scruggs, Smith and Esz win PDRA North South Shootout!!

Pro Extreme

Jason Scruggs Pro Extreme Winner & Badar Ahli Runner Up at PDRA North South Shootout

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Jason Scruggs was certainly on his game at Maryland International Raceway and it showed! The Scrugg’s Farm Team put their 69′ Camaro in the #1 qualifying position with a smoking 3.531@217.32 – yeah look at that BIG mph… only matched by Jose Gonzalez in the Turbo car!

After laying down numerous 3.5X passes in eliminations, that geared things up for a great “All NCRC” final with Badir Ahli. When the tree dropped, Scruggs laid down a 3.534@216.55 over Badir’s 3.561@211.63 for a close race!!

Congratulations to Jason and the Scrugg’s Farm Team on your win and to Badir Ahli and Team on your runner up!!!

Pro Nitrous

Ricky Smith Pro Nitrous Winner Jason Harris Runner Up at PDRA North South Shootout

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In the uber competitive Pro Nitrous class, “Tricky” Ricky Smith defeated Jason Harris with a hole shot win in the “All NCRC” final. Smith, with a .034 light, went a 3.805@197.42 to Harris’s quicker ET but his slower .074 light. That one cost him the race despite a very quick 3.774@199.14 pass. You can bet Harris will be downing some Red Bull’s next final round after that one!

Congratulations to Ricky Smith and Team on the win, and to Jason Harris and Team on your Runner Up!!

Pro Open Outlaw

Phil Esz Pro Open Outlaw Winner -Stroud Runner Up at PDRA North South Shootout

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Pro Open Outlaw saw #1 Qualifer Phil Esz put his UltraSonic Sponsored car in the winner’s circle once again. In the “All NCRC” final, Phil defeated Jody Stroud in a close race, Esz went a 3.627@202.76 to Stroud’s 3.670@198.38.

Congratulations Phil and UltraSonic Team on the win and to Jody and Team on your Runner Up! Way to go guys, we love to see our racers in the finals!!!

Top Sportsman

Aaron Glaser Runners Up at PDRA North South Shootout in Top Sportsmen

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We also want to congratulate Aaron Glaser who runnered up in Top Sportsman against Randy Perkinson in close race. Aaron ran a 4.069 with a .037 light to Randy’s .014 light with a 4.074.

Way to go Aaron!!!