Sikora Fastest Ever Outlaw 10.5 1/4 Mile – 6.17@230.61

Doug Sikora 4.09/6.17 New 1/4 OL10.5 Record

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Barnhill

Double Wow! – Doug Sikora was flat out flying at the NMCA West Season opener in Bakersfield, California. Team Sikora laid down a 4.065@190.92 to the 1/8th, and 6.179@230.61 to the 1/4 which should be the quickest ever 1/4 mile pass for an Outlaw 10.5 car.

Icing on the cake is he did it with a F3-136 Procharger as well – we can’t think of anyone remotely that fast with that combo which is, well, STUNNING! Talk about making some progress during the winter, we think this team figured something out big time!!!

Sikora was running in the Pro Street Class at this race and he qualified #4 despite being in full legal Outlaw 10.5 Trim making them 350 lbs heavy for the class. There’s more where that came from too, we hear the intake tube was cracked on that pass costing them a bit of power..

Congratulations Doug and Team Sikora on your new record!!