Stevie Fast Collects First Pro Mod Wally

Stevie Fast Jackson Wins First NHRA Pro Mod Event

Photo Courtesy Steve Jackson Racing

As sure as the sun sets in the evening, we KNEW Steve Jackson would collect a win in NHRA Pro Mod, the only question was when? He didn’t make us wait long, the Drag Radial Superstar defeated Mike Castellana with a great .039 light and faster ET, 5.794@248.48 to .102 – 5.857@250.64 to take the win.

We really enjoyed seeing this go down, make sure and catch the Drag Illustrated Live Feed today with Wes Buck interviewing him at 2pm CST today –

Congratulations to “Stevie Fast” Billy Stocklin, Phil Shuller, Killin’ Time Racing, SEI and Bahrain 1 Racing Team on the first of many wins in NHRA Pro Mod!

Oh and Stevie – Bet you remember where Kansas is now!!