Stevie Fast Record – The NHRA Difference

Many of us are no stranger to a racer setting a new record in their class, regardless of what class it’s in, there’s a big buzz for about a week, lots of atta boy’s and slaps on the back telling the team good job. But all too soon the buzz dies down and everyone stands by for the next guy or gal to break it. Just the nature of the beast.

This is where the NHRA gets it right…

This little slip of paper will live forever, it’ll go up on the wall and that proud accomplishment will be seen by everyone that walks in the shop, office, or even living room. Grandkids will ask about it, friends will admire it, it’s a bragging right that will forever be a reminder of the racer being the baddest dude ever at that point in time. It’s a BIG deal, and we get it.

Great big huge congratulations to Steve Jackson and the Killin’ Time Racing Team on claiming one of these important slips of paper, and thank you so much sharing the accomplishment with us!

Marty & The Team at Neal Chance Racing Converters