Birdman Defeats The Shocker for $15,000 Win!!!

[youtube id=”lLMH7e0ZLYA”]

James “Birdman” Finney and Gary Weatherly burned the midnight oil over the last few weeks getting their new Haas Firebird together for the Big Redemption 4.0 No Prep race at Texas Raceway. As anyone knows, a new car is always a big question on how it’s going to perform, let alone little Gremlins that like to pop up unexpectedly and at the wrong time. The guys must have done a good job, because they took the car all the way to the finals in Outlaw Class where they defeated Kyle Kelley in “The Shocker” for a big $15,000 payday!

Watch the video above, it looks like Birdman puts a 2 car GAP on Kyle by half track! The Birdman’s new Neal Chance equipped Bird flat out gets after it quick!!! The new car sure looks like it’s going to be breaking some hearts this year!

Congratulations James, co-owner Gary Weatherly, and the Crew of Howard Crabtree, Chad Rodgers, Nick Guettler and Travis Berger on your big win!!!