Buginga is BACK! Breaks NMRA Super Street Outlaw Record!

Manny Buginga breaks NMRA SSO record

Photo Courtesy NMRA

Manny Buginga is BACK! After a long absence from the sport, Manny Buginga has left his imprint yet again on NMRA’s Super Street Outlaw class at the March 6th Spring Break Shootout. Buginga with the legendary Nick Bruder helping out with the tuning broke the SSO record during qualifying with a 4.334@177.47 which easily landed him the #1 spot.

Manny was favored to make it all the way to the winners circle and did his job on the tree with a .006 reaction time, but spun in the final against Charlie Cooper which got him the runner up finish.

Congratulations to Manny and Nick on the new SSO record and the R/U Finish! It’s a great start for the season.