Buginga Wins Street Outlaw, Hays RU in Xtreme Street!!

Manny Buginga NMCA Street Outlaw Winner

Photo Courtesy NMCA/BME Photography

Manny Buginga came prepared to take on NMCA Street Outlaw with two very strong cars, he brought both his Turbo Mustang and a ProCharged Mustang piloted by Rich Bruder. The ProCharged car driven by Bruder took @1 qualifier 4.375@170.11 and Manny was close by in #3 spot with a 4.390@170.30, both very solid passes. The turbo car driven by Buginga was the one that got to the finals where he defeated Andrew DeMarco with a 4.38 to DeMarco’s 4.42 for the win!

Congratulations to Manny and Team on the win and to Rich on the #1 qualifier!!!

Manny Buginga NMCA Street Outlaw Winner

Photo Courtesy DragZine.com

Alex Hays tried the waters out in NMCA Xtreme Street with his Naturally Aspriated BBC Mustang and did a great job. Hays runnered up in the final against Jessie Coulter with a 4.786@147.07 to 4.718@151.80, that’s pretty darn impressive for a 2850lb car motor only!

Congratulations Alex and Pat on the runner up and the impressive performance!