King Tut New Official Outlaw 10.5 Record Holder


Photo Courtesy of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani

Records a 4.01 in Competition, Wins 3rd Round ADRL QRC

Todd Tutterow has taken claim to the official Outlaw 10.5 record during the 3rd round of racing of the Arabian Drag Racing Leauge after recording a 4.01 pass in competition. He also laid claim to the event win driving the Al-Anabi Outlaw 10.5 Corvette, his third in a row after Dave Hance redlighted in the final round. On that pass Tutterow laid down yet another 4.04@191.61.

Tutterow become the first Outlaw 10.5 driver in the threes on January 14th when the Al-Anabi Corvette stopped the clocks with a 3.993@191.95. Although since it was in testing it’s an “unoffical” record, regardless he was the first to get there and nobody will forget it.

Todd is certainly in the lead for the series points championship with triple back to back wins, which will be a nice payday for him.

Congratulations King Tut on the Win and New “official” World Record!!!