Lil’ Country Resets Small Block Record, Runners Up at Bradenton

Justin Swanstrom wins Bradenton X275

Photo Courtesy of DragZine

Justin Swanstrom reset the Small Block NOS X275 record again at the race in Bradenton February 17th when he laid down a 4.710@150 in competition, their Teams fastest pass ever during a race.

Incrementals were: 1.15, 3.07, 4.710@149.52!!

Troy Prez edged out Justin for the win in a close final race, Prez went a 4.71 over Justin’s 4.75.

The Fat Boy’s racing team will be heading next to Lights Out 4, so we’re looking to see them step it up a bit more at that highly competitive race.

Congratulations Lil’ Country, Big Country and the Fat Boy’s Racing Team on the new record and R/U!