Neal Chance Racing Converters Temporarily Down Due to Fire

Wednesday Night, February 19th Neal Chance Racing Converters Building in Cheney, Kansas suffered a large fire severely damaging the back half of the 100,000 sq. ft. building where a separate business was located. The fire, which burned for 2 hours before being brought under control, wiped out that portion of the building, but did not reach the Converter business portion of the building and no one was injured in the fire. Unfortunately, major smoke damage did occur, shutting NCRC down at this time.

Marty Chance, his family and several employees were attending Lights Out V at SGMP when they were notified of the fire, that’s why they pulled out in such a rush from the race.

As of Saturday Morning, Feb 22nd, Neal Chance Employees do not have access to the building due to the restrictions the Fire Marshall has in effect at this time. We are certain due to the smoke damage, equipment and the building will have to be cleaned before we can start up production again. Please note that customers parts that were in the shop were not damaged by the fire, but they will need to be cleaned.

Since we do not have access to the building at this time, we can not answer the phones, so contact will be limited to email only via our contact page at

Our best estimate at this point in time is it will be two weeks until we will be back up and running if all goes well. Please bear with us as we get back on our feet again.

Neal Chance Racing Converters WILL be back up and running as soon as physically possible. NCRC President Marty Chance said “We’ve been wiped out by a tornado before, now a fire, but we will rebuild and we’ll be back soon!!!

Please check back on our web site for status updates.