Robbins Undefeated at Milan

Brian Robbins - Skinny Kid Race Cars Milan Three Time in a Row Winner

Photo Courtesy of Skinny Kid Race Cars

The Dynamic Duo of Brian Robbins (Driver) and Keith Engling (Skinny Kid Race Cars) has been laying the hurt down in Milan’s “Run What Ya Brung” Series this year. After three races they still remain undefeated! Their most recent win was at the July 4th at Milan’s Heads Up Series #3 where they consistently laid down 3.90 passes with a best of 3.87@193.62.

The Big Olds has been a best of 3.77@200 a couple years ago, but since then the Team has dropped the boost down a bit to save on blower belts.

Congratulations to Brian and Keith on your undefeated string of wins this Year!!!