Snavely wins US Nationals!!!

Rick Snavely wins US Nationals Pro Mod!!!

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Rick Snavely driving the Bothwell Motorsports Turbo Direct Sponsored Camaro recorded his 1st Career Win, and he didn’t do it at any little race, it was the biggest NHRA Race of the Year, the US NATIONALS!!! WOW… If that wouldn’t get you pumped up after a win, what would??? This guy must be a natural, it was his second race in NHRA Pro Mod…that’s just crazy, and quite an accomplishment for him and the Bothwell Motorsports Team!

Snavely in he Turbo Direct Sponsored Entry qualified 3rd out of 33 entries (no easy feat right there) went on to defeat Mike Janis in the final with a 5.890@257.53 blast to Janis’s 5.945@242.50 for the win!!!

Big Congratulations to Rick and the Bothwell Motorsports Team!!!