Snider, Rivenbark and Musi Winners at PDRA US Drags!!!

Brandon Snider PDRA Virginia Pro Extreme

Photo Courtesy Steve Holloway

Brandon Snider captured his 1st PDRA win at Virginia Motorsports Park after dispatching Tommy D’Aprile in a close “All NCRC” Final Round of Pro Extreme. Snider, the #3 qualifier with a 3.584@211 had his Self-Tuned JMRC built Vette running awesome during eliminations, as did Tommy D’Aprile, making for a close competition for the $6,000 winner’s prize.

Snider’s 3.56@209.95 in the final proved too much for D’Aprile to catch with his 3.60@208.30, a good close race from two great racers!

Congratulations for Brandon and Team on the win, and to Tommy D’Aprile and Team on your R/U!!!

Also congratulations to Bubba Stanton with the #1 qualifier and low ET for the race, he went 3.535@217.18 in qualifying for the #1 position.

Kevin Rivenbark PDRA Virginia Pro Boost

Photo Courtesy Galot Motorsports


In Pro Boost, Kevin Rivenbark drove the Galot Motorsports 67 Mustang to the winners circle for the 1st time as well. Crew Chief and teammate Todd Tutterow (#1 qualifier) helped tune the car to a secure a big win over Joe Baker in the final with a 3.86@191.40 to Baker’s Tire Shaking off pace pass.

Congratulations to Kevin, Todd & The Galot Motorsports Teams!!

Lizzy Musi PDRA Virginia Pro Nitrous

Photo Courtesy PDRA

23 Year Old Lizzy Musi was also a 1st Time PDRA Winner in Virginia! Musi, the #1 Qualifier faced the undefeated 4 time winner and #2 Qualifier Jason Harris in the “All NCRC” final round. Harris suffered engine damage due to a timing light problem it was discovered later, making the team thrash in eliminations to compete and was no match for Musi in the finals. Musi dispatched him easily with a 3.88@181.64 to Harris’s piston eating 4.24@136.90.

Congratulations Lizzy, Frank Brandao and Team on your 1st PDRA Win and to Jason Harris on his Runner Up!

We also want to welcome a new customer to Team Chance, Rickie Smith, yes “that” Rickie Smith the current world 1/4 mile world record holder. Rickie installed an automatic with one of our converters and went at 3.798@200.20 in Qualifying, good for the #3 spot and top MPH! Welcome aboard and welcome to the 200 mph club!

Aaron Glaser PDRA Virginia Top Sportsmen

Photo Courtesy Competition Plus


Aaron Glaser set a new Personal Best with a 3.987@181.57 which earned him #1 Qualifier Spot. Congratulations Aaron!