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Szabo 2017 Redemption Small Tire Champ!!

Photo Courtesy National No Prep Keith “The Shootout King” Szabo took home the Small Tire win November 25th at Redemption 9.0 which netted him a sweet $10k Christmas Stash! He also secured enough points to be crowned the Redemption Small Tire Champion!!! Szabo’s almost unbeatable performance in no-prep is a testament to a well thought […]

Shootout King Keith Szabo Wins $25k @ US41’s Super Glued!!!

Photo Courtesy Szabo Performance Parts Keith Szabo aka “The Shootout King” made yet another trip to the winner’s circle last weekend after taking home a huge payday at US41’s Super Glued race. Keith was racing in Bad Boyz on 10.5’s class, a No Time Event, kinda like a No-Prep race except with lots of Tyler […]

Szabo is Kicking Butt in No-Prep this Year!!

Photo Courtesy Szabo Performance Parts Keith Szabo and his Dad have won 10 events this year, including American Outlaws (both days), Chitown’s King of the Streets, Glued at US41 and Bowling Green, plus he runnered up at 2 more! A good portion of those were no-prep races, which gives you a good idea this has […]