Bucaro, Medlock and Riccardi Win at NMCA Indy!!!

Unlike some wimpy racers we know that are sitting out the hot summer races, the racers at NMCA braved the heat and three of our customers came home champions!

Joe Bucaro NMCA Pro Street Winner at Indy

Photo Courtesy DragZine.com

Pro Street

2015 Champ Joe Bucaro qualified #1 with a 7.263@187.42 and lead the way all the way through eliminations. He defeated Jim Bell in the “All NCRC” final with a 7.28@187.42 when Bell broke a connecting rod and caught fire.

Congratulations Joe and Team on your win! Bet you’re glad to be back home in the AC!!!

Sorry about your bad luck with the broken engine and fire Jim, hope repairs go well and you can get back out again soon!

Brad Medlock NMCA MX235 Winner at Indy

Photo Courtesy DragZine.com


Brad Medlock has been ripping up the little tire MX235 class this year, and Indy was no different. Medlock ran a 4.803@150.35 in the final over Shane Halleman who took a shot at the tree and ended up -.002 red running 5.052@146.11. Medlock is the MX235 record holder with a 4.67@154!

Congratulations Brad and Team on yet another win!!!

 Rick Riccardi NA 10.5 Winner at Indy

NA 10.5

Rick Riccardi and Team not only survived the grueling 100 Degree heat along with 133 GOW/4700 DA air, they went to the winners circle in NMCA NA 10.5 class. Riccardi out ran Vince Khoury in the final 8.151@166.76 to Khoury’s 8.329@164.29.

Congratulations to Rick, Jenni and Dennis on your win!