Giust, Hall & Hayes Winners at Yellow Bullet Nationals

Paolo Giust Pro Mod Winner

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Pro Mod

Paolo Giust defeated Kevin McCurdy in a nail bighter of a final round. Giust put down a hot 3.890@195.51 to McCurdy’s 3.892@194.55 hot on his heals but not quite enough.

Congratulations to Paolo, Jon and Team on the win!!

Mo Hall Outlaw 10.5 Winner

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Outlaw 10.5

Mo Hall took his Neal Chance Lock Up Equipped Corvette to the winners circle over Mike Decker Jr in an “All NCRC” final. Unfortunately Decker had a leak and got shut down, so Hall got a bye and ran a smooth 4.092. This would have been a GREAT race as Decker, who broke into the 4.0 zone in his first race in the car could have gave Hall a good race.

Congratulations to Mo Hall on the win and to Mike “Hollywood” Decker on his Runner Up finish!!

Alex Hays Ultra Street Winner

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Ultra Street

Alex Hayes took his Naturally Aspirated Big Block Chevy powered Mustang to the winners circle after having a stellar weekend. Hays laid down a 4.691@148.80 during the qualifying to nab #1, just stunning for a NA powered combo and a big worry for all the others in the class! In the final round he drew Joel Greathouse, and despite Joel’s quicker light, Alex ran him down with a 4.77 to take the win.

Big congratulations Alex and Pat on your win!!

Check out the 4.69 pass –