Moyer Wins Tulsa X275 Radial Revenge

Turbo Todd Moyer Wins Tulsa X275 Radial Revenge Race

Photo Courtesy of Tulsa Raceway Park

“Turbo” Todd Moyer won the first ever X275 Race in Oklahoma at the “Radial Revenge” race at Tulsa Raceway Park April 26th. Moyer, the #1 Qualifer in the 11 car field was still hot off a $10k win at Denton earlier in the month, making him a good bet to take home the Tulsa $5k purse.

Once again, Moyer didn’t disappoint, Todd defeated Brad Medlock in the final with a 4.626@152.70 to Medlock’s .216 RT, 4.643@156.66 pass. That’s some pretty fast racing considering the air density was in the 3000 ft range that weekend at Tulsa.

Congratulations Todd & Team Deez on your Back To Back Wins!!